Miracle Healing


Miracles build churches!

Miracles are God’s business card. It’s like He is saying, “This is who I am!” It would be impossible for us to have seen the Cambodian church grow like it has without the demonstration of God’s power. Not everyone we pray for gets healed, but when something really dramatic happens it get’s a lot of attention. A woman wandered into the Chom Chao church three weeks ago. She was not a believer in Christ and had been bleeding for more than ten years. She came forward and Mak Sou prayed for her. She received Christ and announced that she was healed. Ten more people received Christ. Then she came back last Sunday to announce that she was still healed and was now returning to her home in good health. Ten more received Christ. She hasn’t even been back to her village yet. We may wind up with an entire new church!


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.