Miracle Provision

For FCOP it was a “Loaves and Fishes” moment of multiplication. In April we were told that there would be no “Manna Pak” rice nutrition meals available to us for at least two months due to the North African drought. Then in late May our rice was flooded and we lost half a crop. Talk about feeling doomed! We couldn’t have been flatter if we’d been run over by a steamroller!

Then Lou Binninger, found us a load of nutrition rice from one his sources, 40 tons of rice came in from Butte County Rice Growers, and a load of dehydrated soup mix from Gleanings for the Hungry. We went from deficiency to abundance in a few days! FCOP was even able to help the Ministry of Social Affairs and a H.I.V. orphan home with some assistance. PTL!


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