Mission Teams Vital

Mission Teams Validate Orphans’ Worth

I cannot over emphasize the importance of teams coming to Cambodia. We had great teams this month, and two more showed up while I was leaving  for the USA, which I will talk about in the next issue. East Valley Church, Orangevale, California, USA was here and the work they accomplished was astonishing, but I keep telling people that what the work teams do physically, wonderful as it is, is not the greatest value of a team. I know that there is a book circulating which discounts, and even discourages, teams from coming to the field. I could not disagree more!
I suppose the way some teams are manipulated, and extorted, by unscrupulous leaders, could make the complaint justifiable, but our leaders are not like that. What teams do, like the team from Living Water Church, Olympia, Washington, USA, is give value to our kids.
The fact that the team came thousands of miles just to see them completely destroys the social stigma they are branded with, “You’re an orphan so you were bad in your previous life; you deserve to suffer!”. The kids that these teams come to see become instant celebrities, and it changes their outlook on their ‘self value’ forever; “Someone came half way around the world just to see me!” Keep’em coming!

 Help us change a nation one life at a time.