My Grandfather

My Grandfather worked as a lumberjack in the state of Wisconsin, USA, during the early 1890’s in order to save money to start farming. He used to refer to, “Logjams” when things just started to get plugged up or bogged down. They were a mess! One log getting twisted and out of place could jam up a whole year’s worth of work. They would first try to get logs flowing with long handled pikes called a, “peavey”, but, often have to resort to dynamite to blow them open. I am convinced that the devil loves to create spiritual logjams, and paralyze an entire movement for decades or even life! Our only hope is to blow him away with the dynamite power of the Holy Spirit.
I received a new ‘Facebook’ friend today, March 1, 2017 (Hey! It can happen!). Although, I am a terrible “Face-Booker” and haven’t even figured out how to use “Messenger”, this new friend, responded immediately to my “Friend” acceptance via Messenger by asking, “How are you doing today?”, I responded, “It’s payday, I’ve got 2500 kids to feed, and we’re broke, so, everything’s normal.” Normal? Yes! Almost every month, but I agree. This just should not be!  In the last year we’ve seen major donors go bankrupt, have lawsuits filed against them, betrayed by business partners, attacked with cancer, divorce, etc. The devil is jamming up the river and it’s time to blast! We will break through with prayer, perseverance and every power-play we can come up with, to see Cambodia come to Christ!



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