I’d say, “This kid could talk a mouse into boarding a cat bus!” When do you give up on people? There are times when they need to be isolated (incarcerated ) for public safety, or you may have to avoid them, or remove them from your presence, due to harm they can cause, but really? I guess the answer is, “Never!” An orphan boy we found in the garbage, diagnosed by doctors as too malnourished to ever learn or ever walk, has certainly tested us. Nazareth has been in jail, rehab centers, stolen car batteries, cell phones, money, even stole his warden’s phone and was beaten severely, but he still comes back, all contrite like, and we take him in, AGAIN! He’s worn out his welcome in every region of the country, so we sent him up to a no-nonsense police captain, pastor, in the North East. He’s shaped up! At least temporarily. Pray it sticks! He’s now a leader in the Young Lions in that District and been clean for six months!


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.