New Standards


The New Requirements are Expensive!

It is a good idea to have an option before you burn your house down. Most senior government officials admit that they do not have a “Plan B”. None-the-less, we are making the physical changes needed, many of the ‘standards’ are good, like beds and foam mattresses, except where kids are used to mats, and they claim the foam is too hot. You’ll find them pulling their blankets off the bed and sleeping on a straw mat on the floor. We are having to build a separate building to house our college age young men and women who are attending the Don Bosco Technical school, even though there was no access from the boys side of the home to the girls side. New beds, more than a thousand mattresses, blankets, pillows, bicycles, playgrounds, new uniforms, mosquito nets, hepatitis vaccinations, detailed records, and more. It’s an exhaustive list, and expensive. We really need your help!


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.