No More “Stray Dogs”

106 Church homes with 20 to 40 kids take a tremendous beating and we have to constantly be ready to make vital repairs. But, the most precious commodity we house are the kids that have been discarded and told by their culture that they are “Stray Dogs” because of the bad karma that comes with being orphaned. Our destination is to provide a safe, healthy environment for them and build their self esteem. How do we get there? Teams come half way around the world just to help them. The kids feel cared for and special to get that attention and they never forget it. What’s more, we get some very necessary work done on improving our church/homes. We had two great teams help us arrive this month. Gateway Church gave a tremendous boost to the Seri Saophoan Church/Home and Living Waters did some wonderful work at the far end of Tumnup Island on our Church/Home at Pum Koy. Thanks! You’ve helped us reach a destination!


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.