Painful Reality Check


When the unfortunate news came in, it hit us like a ton of bricks. This very same day that Thany’s daughter came into the world we lost another. Veasna had grown up with us and was one of the first orphans we cared for in the Mondolkiri province. We sent him to trade school at Don Bosco and he moved on to open and run a café where he was from. He was killed in a motorcycle accident. These are always painful times for us. You would think that with 18,000 kids that the loss of one would not hurt that much, but each life is precious, and FCOP is the only family they have. Whenever this happens there is always the speculation; “If only we’d have …………..!” You can fill in the blank with dozens of different scenarios, which would have kept him alive. Not everything that happens in this life is God’s will. There is a devil out there and he’s still in the killing business. Our comfort comes in knowing that Veasna is with the Lord and God can bring good out of the devil’s most painful shots.


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