Phun Sok’s Story

My name is Phun Sok, I am  a 13 year old male. My father name was Sok Chea, he died when I was 8, I am not sure what caused his sickness. My mother’s name is Mean Sok. She is a farm laborer, she plants and cuts rice. We have very poor rice crop for three years, so the farmers have little work for her.

Before I come to stay in FCOP Home, my family is very poor and my mother doesn’t have money to send us to school and food to eat. My mother met a new husband, but he did not want children.  My mother sent me to take my brothers and sisters to live in the FCOP, Phsar Chas Church/Home. I miss my mother but she never come to see us. But Pastor is kind like a new father.

In FCOP Home, We have opportunity to go to school and I have enough to eat, cloths to wear, and good place to sleep. They are kind to us and love us like a family. Especially, I am happy to be saved by Jesus Christ. In the FCOP church home, I learn about Jesus Christ a lot with the other orphan kids and Pastor.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to all of donors around the world who love us even though you don’t know us. I hope to meet you and thank you some day. Because of you we are all blessed in Cambodia. I pray for you to have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! May God bless you!


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.