Pig Farm


The Bible tells us that Jesus, “Made Himself of no reputation…” Well, up until now I’ve been content to be a “pig farmer” who became the “Forrest Gump” of missionaries. These are my terms, and I own them honestly. I may have overstated the “pig farmer”, as what most people immediately envision, is a guy in bib overalls and hip boots, with a bucket of slop in his arms, knee deep in “you know what”. It’s not that I’ve never done that, I’ve done much worse, but the photo above is my “pig farm” in 1979, that’s 36 years ago!

It’s true that I have a great deal of difficulty raising the recurring support needed for sustaining thousands of abandoned, separated, and orphaned children placed in our care. This, along with the six thousand pastors and churches that need training. Personal bankruptcy is probably not the Christ-like personification of “reputation loss” to which Jesus was referring. And, I am confident that this will not be my destiny. However, some people are not pleased with me for going into debt to support the ministry. “I should have faith and trust God!” Well, I do trust God, but when a kid is injured, sick, or hungry, and there is no money, what? I do have a good credit rating, so, I use that, and trust God for the payment. I wish it could work differently!


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