Power of Prayer


 It’s been like living in an air-conditioned, abspesteous suit, in the midst of a fire, and I didn’t see it. I actually feel guilty, like a “blessing pig”! For the past 17 years or so, all the orphaned and separated children, widows, and staff, from all of our homes, pray for Sou and I daily. Now that is great, but I’ve come to see it as rather selfish of us. Sou and I have survived countless close calls, gone through fires, and not even smelled of smoke. I am grateful for that, but stupidly never really connected the dots. Others, who have come to help us, have had terrible hits on their lives.

Errol Faulkes came and suffered a stroke, others face recurring physical attacks on their health and safety. John Freeman and his wife Jean were here this month to help us with some video production, and Jean suffered a fall that seriously injured her elbow. The point is this: Prayer cover works! I need our kids to broaden the base to cover all of you who are helping FCOP take Cambodia for Christ. We’ve done this in a broad sense but I intend to be more intentional in this for all of you, whether here or not! And that will be done!


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.