Project of hope

Without this farm being developed to the point where it is more resistant to drought and flood, I see no way for this ministry to become self-sufficient. We can do this! But, it will take 1.4 million dollars. How do we raise that? We have a plan that was developed by a Singaporean Church, pastored by FCOPI Board Member, George Butron. We are still waiting on the engineering drawings, but it involves consolidating 1000 acres and surrounding it with a moat that will go into the ground as far as we can dig and have dikes on both sides allowing it to hold enough water to raise a crop. It will be filled at times of flood and excess rain and saved for the dry days. Initially we believe it will give us two good crops per year, and eventually three. In addition to the Singaporean church helping us prepare the plan for development, we realize the need to garner partners to cover the sponsorship of this development plan.  If you or anyone you know would like to donate please check out our donate page on our website at

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