Randy Clark Training

Randy Clark teaches on hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit

In the midst of this we were fortunate enough to have Randy Clark come to our training center to teach us about hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit.We brought in 300 of our key leaders, and though there was nothing they have not experienced in the teaching they did learn how their own gifts can be imparted and how to teach others about hearing the voice of the Spirit.

Unfortunately, it cost us twice what a normal event would have due to the holidays. With our staff and local church leaders we had to run a remote video feed to the small church for overflow. Even though the first night was packed, I allowed our orphan kids to sit on the floor and in the aisles.

If you think this stuff is too advanced for kids, you’d better think again. At Friday night prayer following the conference, kids started ministering to kids and virtually every one of them was filled with the Spirit. Adults and youth just stood back and watched in amazement.


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