Rice Drought

Dry ground in FCOP rice fields

Drought and dry ground in Cambodia

Rice prices are spiking higher. The drought is regional, throughout most of South and Southeast Asia, not just in Cambodia. We are preparing to plant, and have had some very rare, but very beneficial rain on our rice farm. A respected prophet came through in February and pronounced the “Drought is broken!” That very night we received our first good rain in six months. Please pray for continued rain for the entire region. We could really use some help for our rice crop, as we are $25,000 short of meeting our expenses. So, if you have any ability to help us with this, please send it!

The 44 to 66 tons of Manna Pack we bring in every month are keeping thousands of people from starvation. Each container has to be off- loaded three to four times before it reaches the end users. We really need some new trucks! They run continuously over very rough conditions. Our repairs are high and constant.


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