Rice Farm


Stuff just starts breaking down and going wrong, the closer we get to victory, the more intense the fighting becomes. Devils don’t die easy! I know that our rice farm is the key to FCOP’s long term ability to break out of dependency. We’ve had enemies, spiritual and physical, try every form of theft and deception to attempt to destroy the work there. But, when we pull this off, it will be the source of provision for decades of orphaned, separated and abandoned children, and continue to fuel the growth of the church in the region. This is one logjam where we need an explosive breakthrough! It’s got to get moving, and the sooner the better. The new crop needs to go into the ground and we still have no real control over the water. We have no choice but to plant, but it’s a game of “Russian Roulette”. This is no time for weak knees! We need your prayers and help!


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.