The Rice Farm

The Kingdom of God in Cambodia is being built with rice! How do you want to do it? If you could truly transform a nation that is non-believing into a Christ centered country what would it be worth? This project is all about building the kingdom of God in Cambodia. I’m not talking about some mystical, ethereal wand waving, but a hard fought and proven, working program. What would you sacrifice to see it happen? We are half way there.  Actually, more than that, with all the infrastructure accumulated over 19 years of FCOP history.  We have received a promised matching grant of $750,000USD but we must raise the remaining $750,000 to develop the Cambodian Rice Production Enterprise. Once completed, this program will provide for the care of the orphaned, separated, and abandoned children and widows of Cambodia, as well as, the continued growth of the Cambodian Church. FCOP must find the matching funds. That’s only 30 churches, businesses, or individuals giving, $25,000 each; or 100 giving $7,500; or 200 giving $3,750. You do the math. Together we can get there!


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.