Rice Farm Drought

Cambodia is suffering effects of unusual weather

Cambodia is suffering effects of unusual weather

We have had little rain in July. Much of Australia is dry, India is dry, Thailand is dry. Many scientists blame the El Niño effect, which is associated with wide scale below-average rainfall and above-average daytime temperatures. If we don’t get a rice crop this year, it won’t be your fault.

“Thanks”, is too small a word. Many of you came through for us in a big way! To think we could plant two, 500 acre, rice crops, in one spring with our mostly 40-50 year old equipment, is beyond comprehension. The cost of seed, fertilizer, repairs, herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, and fuel for each crop was about $75,000US. The unbelievable thing is, that we have it within $12,000US of being paid for.

That doesn’t leave us anything to operate with, or money to care for orphans. But, at least we should have some rice this fall, if we can get rains! It looks like 20 hectares (50 acres) will have to be planted the third time. It makes me feel sick, but we won’t quit! It’s been dry in July. Please pray for timely rains, and a good harvest. And, please don’t forget to send something for the orphans in August. We are running on empty!


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