“Shalom!” I’ve always thought that the word simply meant “Peace”, but a friend who studies Hebrew recently explained to me that it literally means, “May your life be free of chaos.” There seems to be plenty of that in the world today, and there is certainly no shortage of it in Cambodia. We have commune elections on Sunday, with demonstrations, and political marches, blocking traffic on a regular basis. The Christian population has become a political force, and the Prime Minister is up for election next year. He has been good to FCOP, but there is a lot of noise about too many people coming to Christ, so he called a meeting of the Christian leaders at Diamond Island in Phnom Penh. It was made clear that Christians need to support the current regime or face an uncertain future. I don’t know if we should take that as a campaign promise of stability, or a warning? But, about 500 FCOP pastors showed up for the event and Mak Sou was on stage with the Prime Minister. All I can say is, “Shalom!”


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