Something Smells Fishy

It smells kind of fishy! The most expensive component of feeding 2500 orphaned & separated children and the widows caring for them, is dietary protein. Our best and most reasonable source is fish, and the majority of our homes have fishponds. There are several different varieties that do well in our ponds, unfortunately the best, Tilapia, require the highest degree of management. The most difficult aspect of rearing them is keeping the water cool enough under the hot Cambodian sky and still get the to a harvest weight by the end of March when many of the ponds dry up. There are other fish that can survive, if not thrive, even by living in mud.

Bob and Christal Hollandsworth have been raising fish under different conditions for years, and we always run into the cost of the fingerlings, so Bob decided to begin producing our own. They are doing quite well so far and a good source of seed fish will reduce the cost of repopulating the ponds significantly. Go Bob! But, as for the pickled fish? Well, they smell a little fishy!


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