Sickness and poor health is emotionally draining and can plug your life with hopelessness and dread. Sometimes, when the dynamite doesn’t explode, we have to depend upon our “spiritual peaveys” (called prayer) to work us through the jam. We love it when healing is quick and dramatic, but there is something to be said about the persistence and love needed to move forward when you don’t see the miracle. Sopearak, nicknamed “Thai”, is a 22 year old young man who was raised in our system of Church Community Centers. He was brought to us at a young age with a serious heart condition, and prayed for through the years. We wanted the miracle and the devil wanted him dead. We never saw the miracle, but God had nothing to prove with us, we have faith! And, at the same time, “Thai” kept growing in the Lord and exhibiting great leadership potential. His condition was not operable in Cambodia until heart surgeons were trained, and a facility with equipment was available for this delicate surgery. Last year, we put out the appeal for the money to pay for the operation to plug a huge hole in his heart. It has been a successful operation and recovery, and now, Thai is back at the rice farm, leading daily devotions and preaching at the Balang Church Community Center. In a way, it was good for us to see a victory that we had to struggle through, it brought unity in prayer, and a focus of purpose that we may never have realized with the miracle.


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