Srey Yein

“We ain’t want we wanna be! We ain’t what we gonna be! But,thank God, we ain’t what we was”! I heard that back in the mid 1960’s pertaining to the dismantling of racial segregation in the US but it is so true about FCOP in Cambodia. We had no money, and the kids in Siem Reap were sleeping on dirt floored thatch shack. Finally, we found a piece of land we could afford and a donor gave us money for a building. The new church home was constructed, only to find out after the church was built, that we’d constructed it on a “Killing Field”. The place was haunted! So, a group of kids from the Phnom Penh Church Home, led by a ten year old girl, went up and chased off a host of ghosts, and now it has been the scene of hundreds of salvations, numerous miracles, and a home for multiple dozens of orphaned and abandoned kids.  We’ve seen a lot of growth in the Cambodian church, and we still have a long way to go, but when I see from where we’ve come, all I can do is say, “Thank God! We ain’t what we was!” That ten year old girl is now the soon to be mother of two, a faithful worker at the Cham Chao Church, and the wife of staff member, Sam Tolle, “Srey Yein”.


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.