Stand on God’s Shoulders

“If you think you are too small to make big things happen, then you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito” There is a positive side to this! This woman was so small, 4′-6″ (137cm), she had to stand on God’s shoulders! Saved by one of our evangelists preaching to her while she washed clothes on the beach of the Tonle Sap River. She had no education, could neither read nor write, was dirt poor, but, she learned to hear God, and that is a big deal! She grew in the Lord over several years, as she learned from the traveling evangelist and church training, but she didn’t know much at first.
She watched her oldest, healthy, daughter die of cholera, and didn’t even know how to pray for her. Then, when her youngest, 3 year old daughter, was dying of Leukemia, she came forward at one of our annual conventions and received the Holy Spirit. She went back to her island and the young daughter died at a hospital after two, failed, bone marrow transplants. She brought her daughter’s body home for the funeral, and after being dead for more then two days, this little woman knelt down to pray with our District Supervisor, the girl was raised from the dead. She went on to see every miracle in the Book of Acts multiple times. She was the greatest Apostolic Gift I have ever know, planted hundreds of churches, thousands of healings and deliverances, and was known all over Cambodia.
She’d dig wells were no one could find water, and there would be water, because she heard God. In late June she was murdered by her husband and thrown in one of the wells. The crime was covered for nearly two months with the rumor that she’d run off with a foreigner, and stole the church money. When the truth came out people were dumbfounded. How could this woman die like that? Where was God? They did not understand Matt: 10:36. This little woman was a giant in God, and the devil hated her. Remember what happened to 11 of the 12 Apostles in Acts? Our staff put together this final tribute to El Sim, “The woman who stood on God’s shoulders”

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