Stuff does Hit the Fan

Things do go wrong! Two pastors at Church/Homes decided to take off with with monthly home support in the last 60 days, one to pay off bad debts, and the other to take off with new wife. We’d like to think we’re above that, but though people will always give you a reason to be disappointed, they also every reason to hope! Sou went to Preah Vihear province to “Clean up Dodge”, and the one pastor who was holding things togather, from another church/home 40 kilometers north of there came down with acute appendicitis. Sou and the leaders prayed, had the operation, and he’s healed. She got the local leaders together, put in a transitional team and, so far, everything is going well. Just another episode in the never-ending-soap-opera called life at FCOP. As for the pastors who stayed? We hope they come “home” too! We don’t shoot our wounded.


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