This was their biggest day of the year. They looked forward to it for months. The staff and children from the Chom Chao Church/Home do a lot of work supporting the 104 external homes through loading and storing the 600 tons of food supplies that flow through the Training Center each year. Plus, the sorting and packaging of clothing, preparing pickled fish, etc. So, like the pilgrims of 1620, we invite these providers for a feast of Thanksgiving. Three turkeys, two ducks, five and a half kilograms of pickled chicken feet, a massive tub of fermented fish, piles of potatoes, five pumpkin pies, a huge pot full of corn and 200 cheese filled hot dogs, for an afternoon snack, finally filled them up. They feasted, played and swam all day and I never saw a single cell phone video game played. Their verse for the feast was 2 Chronicles 20:21, where Jehoshaphat gave thanks and praised the Lord before his great victory, in the face of all the natural signs pointing to certain defeat.


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