The Christian Prison

Mak Sou at the prison

Mak Sou at the prison

God cares deeply about prisoners. Do you want to find a sinner?  Just look in the mirror. If you’re looking for a heathen? Don’t bother looking in the Preah Vihear Provincial Prison.  Mak Sou just paid a visit, and found many of the discharged prisoners are starting new churches. They are virtually 100% Christian, thanks to the faithful ministry of Some Adt, our District Supervisor, and the “Proclaimer” a dramatized version of an audible Bible. The units are about as big as standard sized Bible, but play like a radio. They are solar powered, battery powered, plug-in cord powered, or if all else fails, crank powered with its own generator. Since most of the prisoners cannot read or write, they are oral learners.

Morgan Jackson, the Director of “Faith Comes by Hearing”, taught me something which I’m sure most of you don’t realize. If you asked me, “What is the most boring part of the Bible?” I would instantly respond, “The genealogies”. If you ask an oral learner, “What is the most important part of the Bible?” they would respond,”The genealogies”. Why? Because the genealogies give credibility to the source of information for an oral learner. Anyone who can trace His genealogy back 14 generations has credibility. His name? Jesus.


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