The Culture Warriors

“History”, according to Napoleon, “Is a lie agreed upon”. If you’ve ever visited the “War Museum” in Vietnam you certainly get a different perspective than you do in the States. Who’s right? Well the old maxim is that, “The victors write the history.” So, doesn’t look good for the American version. Having been on the losing side, I’m not sure?? I am comforted by the fact that God ultimately sorts it out. But, I suppose that had I been North Vietnamese in 1968, I’d hate me.

People react to the information they are fed, and much of Europe has been drinking the secular “Cool Aid” for so long they can’t help but react negatively to the church. In their minds the church is at the focal point of most historical disasters; the church is bigoted, hateful, judgmental and hypocritical. I received this comment from a European Woman on one of my recent Facebook posts: “You crazys live (leave) the Cambodian along (alone) they have recovered from the worst posible war with out you fanatic Christian if you want to help do it for love not to sap the culture out of this people shame on you”. I don’t think she likes us very much?? The truth is she doesn’t know us. If she did she’d realize that few organizations do what FCOP does to preserve Cambodian culture. Actually, I did post an answer for her: “Lidia, you really don’t know us. We have been here since 1998, raised more than 18,000 separated and abandonded children, helped establish 100’s of micro-enterprises, treated and provided medical and dental care for 100’s of thousands, built a hospital, drilled hundreds of wells, built hundreds of homes and churches, and yes, seen more that 1,000,000 people come to Christ. What have you done?” Ok, maybe I was a little ‘snarky’, but you’ve gotta admit, she had it coming.


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