The Swiss are Here

I (Ted) had a small part in putting them together. Lukas, a Swiss chemist, and Jenny our staff member, met here in Cambodia and have been married for about three years. They haven’t given up on Cambodia. They brought a team and helped us give new life to the Kampot Church/Home. Everywhere Lukas goes he leaves clean water behind, and Jenny, and experienced Team Leader in her own right, worked under the direction of the newest member of our foreign staff, Joshua Dunlap, in completing a successful project. The Swiss team finished up at our Kompot Home! Such a great time with our church family from around the world.  They were also able to bless the home with some new bikes, tables, kitchen supplies, and other home needs. The kids were happy, the staff were blessed, blessings all around. Praise God!


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.