To Big is Too Small

“If your dream is too big, it’s too small!” I heard that, and it sounded like crazy double-talk, except, I’ve learned to hear God, and this sounded like Him. I was puzzled and the Lord told me that if the job was just too big, I could recruit more help and tackle it, but if it was beyond possibility, then I needed Him.
Sou and I came here 19 years ago to see Cambodia become a Christian Nation. “Impossible!” Yet it is happening. The adversaries are fierce and plentiful, but they are being overcome. Things I did fourteen years ago, without any idea of what we’d face in 2017, are being proven to be appropriate for today. I believe you’ll understand how energizing and hope building it is to see God had my back before I even saw the problem. FCOP has been under the attack of UNICEF, USAID, Friends Int. and a host of organizations trying to shut down orphanages. Only God could have given me their “Spiel” ten years before they thought of it. I want you to see this, because we are everything they say “Orphanages” aren’t.

 Help us change a nation one life at a time.