Cambodia is coming to Christ. These new believers are getting instructional training.

This nation is changing, and the enemy is not happy. The rice farm is a key to our hoped for self sufficiency. It funds ministry. So, how did it all work out? We buy on credit and borrow on hope. We use our own rice and fish, We Recover a rebuildable tractor engine, Paul Mok (our farm manager) who’d been up until 1:00am to receive a land deed delivered by taxi, drove for 12 hours to get the pumps to Vietnam.

The kid with the infected foot got cleaned up, prayed for, and put on CIPRO. The thieves were confronted, repented, prayed for and forgiven. A new clutch is being installed on the church truck. And leaders all over Cambodia being trained. The car is being fixed, and tomorrow I take a six hour taxi ride, and then drive it back home to Phnom Penh. The land purchases get negotiated,  the deals are cut, and the deeds “thumbed” (most of the farmers cannot write). Prayer works. And that is why we do a lot of it.


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.