True Faith!



So? What about truth? What is Biblical faith? It pertains to reality, and it changes outcomes. That’s neither being persuaded by your circumstances, nor blind acceptance. Real faith looks at that which faces it, and then invokes a reality that supersedes it.

Like this painting of George Washington praying. Steve Farrell, Editor and Chief of The Moral Liberal, wrote of, “numberless miracles wherein Washington’s troops were delivered by changes in the elements, impressions in Washington’s heart, the timely discovery of traitors, the sparing of the general’s life when surely he should have perished, and in that instant wherein the “just God who presides over the destinies of nations … raise[d] up friends to fight our battles for us,” even the French, rich Jewish merchants, financiers in Holland, a number of leading British Statesmen such as Chatham and Burke, and still others.”

You can call it “Luck”, but if you’ve lived it for years (as Sou and I have in Cambodia) that would make you an idiot at best. That’s our life, after 15 years we are still here, living day by day, still growing, and still facing constant pressures. I can’t say I enjoy it, but it works!


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