True Servants

Crossroads Mission Team rehabbed this church home.

Crossroads Mission Team rehabbed this church home.

We all agree that God cares about the orphan and the widow. Here is how Crossroads Community Church from Vallejo, California, showed this in a very practical way. They worked hard to refurbish one of our original church homes built in 1999.

The donor organization that helped us build these churches asked recently how many of these church homes are still in operation? I answered, “All of them!” In fact most are much better now than when first built. Quite a few could use some tender loving care, so? Put together a team and come over!

The best thing is what you do for the kids! You bring them a gift worth more than money: “Someone half-way around the world cares about me. I am significant!” Bless all of you who drop a sheaf to keep us going! (Deut: 24:19) God says you’re already blessed!


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