“Peace, be still!”

We kicked some hurricane, devil, butt in September! Now, I realize the damage in the US was bad, but think what it could have been like if a full category 5 hurricane had hit Texas or Florida? One “nut case” in Las Vegas just killed, multiple times, what the US hurricanes did over a month, in a couple of hours. You may think we are hubris, but our kids think they made a difference.  Think about this! We are 12 time zones from Florida, and about equal distance over the poles. There were about 100 orphans, widows and staff praying with authority, in the Spirit, and in the natural. They worshiped for about 1/2 hour, prayed for about 1/2 hour and they turned to all four compass points and rebuked that “devil” with authority! “Peace, be still!” Where else in the world could you get 100 orphans and widows together equidistant for that storm in roughly all four compass points and rebuke it? That’s got to at least be a tactical nuke!  We are not without our own problems! On top of everything else, we had our own wind problems this past month. But, it is really wonderful to see people coming out to working together to solve problems all over the world, especially in the US! They are superstars! (Watch Video)


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