What’s This All About?

An old farmer walked into the jewelry shop and plopped his hunting case pocket watch on the counter. “It quit working”, explained the farmer. The jeweler picked up the watch and with his precision tools quickly pried open the back of the watch. A dead cockroach fell out onto the counter. “There’s your problem!” exclaimed the jeweler, “The engineer is dead!”

We were under tremendous pressure for about six months through the beginning of July. Our committed leaders were seeing unprecedented church growth, but the former National Leader was trying to crush the “Young Lions,” our most fruitful component. His corrupt family members were not being corrected; good leaders were being turned against one another through rumor, and the church was spiritually stalling. It felt like we had to drag the church forward even though we’d just gone through a great time of revival. There was discontentment, discouragement and a lack of joy.

So, like the jeweler, we pried the back off the watch. Sure enough, the “engineer” was spiritually dead from the knees up. Evidence of misdeeds started to pour in that implicated virtually his entire family: two brothers in leadership positions, his wife, his mother and his nephew were involved in serious misconduct. When confronted, they resigned en-masse. Liars love Facebook; you can say anything on Facebook without substantiation. The confronted claim they were fired, but we have multiple affidavits, video statements, written proof and sworn testimony that this is simply not true, even though their misconduct warranted it.


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