Your Trails Suck!


“Your Trails Suck”! What? My mouth fell open in unbelief. Here are about a dozen of our “Young Lions” leading worship at the Sunday service in our National Training Center, wearing their new shirts. Sou and I looked at each other with wide eyes of unbelief! The kids had no idea what the saying emblazoned on their shirts meant, but they liked the color! I’m thinking there are at least a dozen “Facebookers” out in the congregation of about 400, “I’m Toast!” Trying to figure out what to do?? I thought, “Could I delay the service and find different shirts?” No! Worship had already begun, and with great enthusiasm! I was trying to slink down to become invisible for fear of being caught in someone’s photo, when the Lord spoke to me. He asked, “Who’s going to see this?” I answered,  “If it gets on Facebook it will be all over the world!” He simply asked another question, “And who is the god of this world?” I knew that answer, “Satan!” I said with certainty. Then the Lord simply asked again, “And, what do you think of his trails?” The lights went on! I think I said it out loud, “They Suck!” “Yes, Satan’s trails suck!” I was content. In fact, I liked it so much, at the risk of sounding negative, I decided to talk about what “Sucks”. Please don’t get too religious with me, let’s have some fun with this, OK?


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