Our History

One of the largest churches in 1999

Ted and Sou Olbrich founded FCOP International in 1999. On August 29, 1983, Ted Olbrich heard the Lord say, “I have called you both (he and his wife) as an Apostle and an Evangelist not just in your country but also in your wife’s country”. From then to nearly 15 years, Ted and Sou continued to bring many people to the Lord in America. In 1996, the Lord started to shift Ted’s heart from serving locally in America to desiring to serve as a missionary. At first, Sou was resistant to the call simply because there was too much to leave behind.

One day, when a decision had to be made, the Lord had brought to the forefront a letter that Sou had written back to Ted when Ted was earning his rice research master’s degree in the Philippines. It was written years ago, before they were married, and as far as they knew, it was resting in some storage space that hadn’t been touched in years. To find it on her dresser was an impossibility that had just become a reality. In this letter, Sou had told Ted that even if he were to become a missionary, Sou would still marry him. Using this letter, the Lord spoke to Sou reminding her of the contract that she had signed and dated on that day. With joy in her heart, she agreed.

Directors: Ted & Sou Olbrich

Soon after, Ted and Sou arrived in Cambodia. Here, their objective was simply to spread the good news and plant churches. One day, two babies orphaned by parents who both had AIDS were left on the doorstep of the first woman to come to the Lord through the Olbrichs. She didn’t quite know what to do so she brought the two children on the back of a pickup truck to the Olbrichs simply saying, “You’re Christian. You have to take care of them. You can’t let them die”. They didn’t have the resources so they went to every orphanage they could think of so the kids can receive care. Every orphanage turned them away saying they already had too many and would prefer if the Olbrichs took some of theirs.

The Olbrichs decided to rent a former brothel with the money they had. The brothel had a large space, which was used as the dance floor, which was turned into a sanctuary. It also had a three-story hotel attached, which they used as the orphanage. Within one month, they were caring for 40 children. Hundreds of people were arriving from all over the country because they had heard of this Jesus but didn’t have a church. They would come, hear the word and then take it back to their hometowns. Such churches were being planted all over the country.

Ted Olbrich and early church members

Ted Olbrich and early church members

This was the humble beginnings of FCOP International. The name originated from the two greatest initial donors, Foursquare and Children of Promise. While they never intended be an orphan care organization, they knew that the way to the hearts of the people were through their felt needs. They experienced starving children digging through their trash to find something to eat. Moved with compassion, Sou knew that feeding these children with what she had was something she could do. Today, we have 106 homes, 3,000 children and 600 staff members (many being widows to help care for the children). We have cared for more than 15,000 children who are now passionate followers of Jesus and bringing economic health and stability to the nation of Cambodia as productive members of society.

 Help us change a nation one life at a time.