• No Fear

    No Fear

    To alter a few quotes: “And though he be but little, he is fierce!” -Wm. Shakespeare “You don’t tug on superman’s cape You don’t spit into the wind You don’t pull the mask off that old lone ranger And you don’t mess around with “Spud”! –Jim Croce My wife Sou had a dream about a giant snake trying to destroy us, after quite a struggle, she chased it off but didn’t kill it. Then, right in front of our office, three days ago, this 15 … Continue reading

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  • Our Focus

    Our Focus

    FCOP has been in Cambodia for 17 years, for one focused, unchanging, purpose: to see Cambodia come to Christ. Everything we do is predicated on that mandate. That’s why we do all of the things that we do, beginning with sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in every Church service all over the country, to planting new congregations. This month saw about eight new church/groups started. Several thousand came to Christ. There is a method to our madness!

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  • Continual Training

    Continual Training

    FCOP puts a great deal of effort and money into pastoral training. This month Mak Sou taught her way to exhaustion, fainting at the end of the hot, humid, fourth day of training, while I was in the United States. All is well, and the result is trained pastors going back to every province and training pastors. We are finally getting close to a comprehensive pastoral training curriculum. Oh happy day!

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  • New Buildings

    New Buildings

    A lot of people discount the importance of church buildings, but a building brings a permanent presence, a focal point for the community, a place for gathering and training, a place to care for the hurting, the sick and the separated to find care. Sure, buildings cost a lot of money, they can burn down and be stolen, but they can also last 500 years!  We began two more new church buildings this month and have another in progress.

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  • New Hope

    New Hope

        We show the love of God in practical ways. Why? It is hard to get hurting, sick, or hungry people to pay much attention to your spiritual persuasions if you don’t have something material, either in substance or in power to offer them. We sent four local Cambodian teams out to help congregations, paid for with Cambodian money, located in hurting communities. It’s tough out there when 90% of your people are farmers, and you are in the … Continue reading

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  • Power In Action

    Power In Action

    If you are trying to preach a God without the demonstration of His miraculous power you are more than handicapped! Often there is no doctor, money, or medicine available. We use our God given authority over the works of evil and often see wonderful results. Sure, not everyone we pray for is healed. But we’ve seen entire villages come to faith with a single healing or miracle. This month blind eyes were opened, the deaf heard, cancers died, the lame walked and haemorrhaging … Continue reading

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  • Fight Trafficking

    Fight Trafficking

    Fighting “Human Trafficking” is the current ‘hot button’ for funding NGO(Non-Profit) growth, quite frankly the legend is not the reality. The truth is that most so called “Trafficked” young women in Cambodia are simply, uneducated, country girls or single moms who have to make a living, and care for their extended family. The option of working in a Garment factory for 10-12 hours per day, six days per week, and never seeing their family isn’t very desirable.   It’s much easier … Continue reading

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  • God’s Provision

    God’s Provision

    I’d just call it common sense, but in retrospect, I believe it was God that I heard months before this years drought, saying, “Store up food for a drought.” Through our partners at Reach Now International, Children’s Hunger Fund, Feed My Starving Children, Glad Tidings Church, Butte County Rice Growers, Dave Wilkinson, and others we have been stockpiling rice meals all year. Even if we harvest a good crop of rice many farmers are finished. They simply have run out of money … Continue reading

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  • God is Still God

    God is Still God

    I had been in a “Downer” type of mood; our rice crop had died, the new crop needs continued rain, multiple donors had reported going through everything from heart attacks, to law suits, to having employees betray them, to about every kind of terrible attack imaginable. Our entire staff spent considerable time praying both in the Spirit and in the natural for them every morning. It wasn’t as though I’d lost my faith in God, but self doubts began to creep in; “Your time is … Continue reading

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  • Not Our Problem

    Not Our Problem

    I talked to my brother Bob, who is a retired farmer, farm equipment salesman and mechanic. He runs his own business repairing, restoring, buying, fixing and reselling old farm equipment. He’d been in a hard time as well. He explained how he’d been complaining to the Lord. God asked him, “Do you trust Me?” Bob answered, “Yes.” God repeated the question, “Do you trust Me?” My brother again answered, “Yes Lord, I trust You”. Then the Lord asked him again, “Do … Continue reading

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  • Dominion


     Albert Einstein defined insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” Since we have replanted rice after two consecutive failures to drought, I suppose that would qualify us as certifiably nuts. We simply hope the weather is different. Please continue to pray for rain in Balang, Cambodia! But, we are grasping for our sanity; we have a plan. God said to Adam, “Take dominion over … every living thing…” So we are taking dominion over the … Continue reading

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Recent Stories

  • Little Lady, Big Faith

    Little Lady, Big Faith

    El Sim, our little 4 foot 6 inch apostle, has few Biblical miracles that cannot be attributed to her ministry. As far as I know, no one has seen her walk on water yet, although she does seem to make it. There are few wells on her island of 100,000 souls. The geology of the sub-soil is like a block of cheese, there is no lateral movement of subterranean water.  God told her to dig a well on her property. … Continue reading

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  • New Believers

    New Believers

    Sou and I didn’t come to Cambodia to raise rice. We came to see Cambodia come to Christ! Thank God that is happening at an ever-increasing pace! That gives me both comfort and encouragement. I have needed a lot of both this month. As you all know we have broken into the hearts of the Cambodian people by caring for separated children and the demonstration of the power of Christ through the Holy Spirit. What we have to figure out … Continue reading

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  • Bouncing


    I’m in “Bounce” mode! I couldn’t have been flatter if I’d been run over by a go-cart, rescued by an ambulance that turned out to be a steam-roller only to have “Wiley Coyote” drop an anvil on my head. The loss of the rice crop to drought for the second straight year was a tough pill to swallow. But swallow it we did! The next day we were plowing under what appeared to be good rice, but it had no … Continue reading

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  • Mother of Invention

    Mother of Invention

    We have to be ready for the rains. Trust me! (Why should you?) They will come, and when they do, they will come with a vengeance! Necessity is the mother of invention. So, how do we spray herbicides and fertilize 750 acres of rice when it’s knee deep in mud? With a “Super Mudder!” Paul Mok, our farm manager, is putting on the final touches of a 6X6, two ton fertilizer and spraying machine that does it all at one … Continue reading

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  • Rice Meals

    Rice Meals

    But, God does work through unction. And, I thank God, that against a lot of resistance, I brought in 600 tons of rice nutrition meals so far this year. It cost us a lot of money but we will have food to eat. But, we still have all the other bills to pay.

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  • Slow death-New life

    Slow death-New life

    You need to know the truth. The scope of the drought in Cambodia is being kept from the public, as it would produce a food panic. Market prices for food are creeping up anyway. We really need your prayerful support. Personally, I blame no one, if they never give FCOP another penny. Our giving is down. I believe generous donors grow tired of my, “Crying Wolf!” I even get tired of it myself! However, all hysteria aside, this is a … Continue reading

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  • Fat Rats

    Fat Rats

    Fat rats! The only good thing to come of our plowing days was being able to kill over a thousand rats. These suckers were as fat as pigs, and our “Rice Farm Rangers” couldn’t pass up the feast; that very evening they had a feast, barbecued rat! Paul Mok, our Farm Manager is like me, he doesn’t eat rat, so, he had a private meal of gourds and fish.

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  • Project of hope

    Project of hope

    Without this farm being developed to the point where it is more resistant to drought and flood, I see no way for this ministry to become self-sufficient. We can do this! But, it will take 1.4 million dollars. How do we raise that? We have a plan that was developed by a Singaporean Church, pastored by FCOPI Board Member, George Butron. We are still waiting on the engineering drawings, but it involves consolidating 1000 acres and surrounding it with a … Continue reading

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  • Pastor Training

    Pastor Training

    Even when we don’t have money we keep training pastors. While I was up plowing under our rice crop, Mak Sou put 107 pastors through an intensive week of learning and prayer. This is the key to winning Cambodia four Christ. Jesus warned, “The hearts of many shall grow cold.” Money does that to good people and a weird group from Korea called, “Ahn Sahng-hong” (They believe that Jesus is a Korean and already returned) is buying up pastors by … Continue reading

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  • I can see

    I can see

    “I can see clearly now the rain has gone. I can see all obstacles in my way…” Johnny Nash sang that song decades ago. But, it is true, I had my cataracts removed late last month, and now everything is clearer! Sou found she had a bleeding ulcer and after two weeks of three strong antibiotics we are both back on track. Thanks for the prayers! We are fine! Don’t interrupt; I think we need to get a room!  

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