• Rice Rain Miracle

    Rice Rain Miracle

    I feel as though we’ve been on the edge of a precipice; our shoes hanging three inches over a cleft of rocky, bottomless ravine. Our rice has been but a few days from extinction throughout the month of June, but at the last moment, rain comes on our main 240-hectare (600-acre) rice field. It has been dry all around us. In fact, we have one 40-acre field that is about 10 km west of us that completely died. We have … Continue reading

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  • Joseph Principle

    Joseph Principle

    To tide our NGO (Non Government Organization), “FCOP International”, over, and prepare for the many potentially hungry people this fall, we brought in around 242 tons of food supplies, mostly rice meals. Our warehouses are full, and our backs are sore, because it all had to be moved twice, box by box. But, we believe it is a “Joseph” principle, as we are in a second year of severe drought. We simply have to move forward on our rice farm … Continue reading

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  • Dr.Jim Adams Gives Honor

    Dr.Jim Adams Gives Honor

    It was a month of surprises for Mak and Pa (Sou and Ted), as Dr. Jim Adams came to Cambodia for a conference, and asked to present our honorary doctorate degrees at a Sunday service. Not wanting it to be noticed, I asked our pastor, Som Art, to only give us five minutes in the service. I got to the church and they’d (the Chom Chao Church) rented an additional 400 chairs. The building was packed, without isles, as pastors from every province … Continue reading

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  • Father’s Day

    Father’s Day

    Father’s day was special for me. Again, I didn’t mention it, hoping it would be overlooked. The kids did a number of special dances, a very moving recital of scripture, and a speech from the heart of all delivered by one, which just about broke me. (Watch Video) 

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  • Super Teams

    Super Teams

    We had great teams here this month. One of them we dubbed the “Resurrection Team.” Last fall we had a pastor die at one of our church homes and the place deteriorated under the interim leader. In fact, when we dismissed him, he took off with everything that could be carried or or unscrewed from the walls; fans, furniture, light fixtures, cooking utensils, you name it, it was all gone (we call it Cambodian ‘severance pay”). We got a new … Continue reading

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  • Bakou Rebuild

    Bakou Rebuild

    One of our “all-star” partners, Union Church in Hong Kong came over with a weekend team. Missions Pastor Lee Ann MacFarlane, led a team which included many of our old friends, including the Nutland Family. They gave the Bakou church home a needed facelift.

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  • How We Grow

    How We Grow

    Our pastors keep reaching out in small ways to communities all over the country. Every day we see new people coming to Christ through small group ministry. Meeting urgent needs and doing good deeds in Jesus’ name is the key to our ministry success. People ask, “How can we do what you do?” Our caring for orphans is not what we do to grow. We grow because that is one of many things that we do. Do you catch the … Continue reading

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  • Lame Leading Blind

    Lame Leading Blind

    It was a case of the “Lame leading the blind”. Mak Sou had a bout of extreme blood pressure attacks, so we took her to a specialist in Hong Kong. Since Sou had hurt her knee in a fall at the market in Phnom Penh, she wanted me to go with her. Since I was there in Hong Kong, and I’d wanted to get my cataracts taken off for years, I had that done along with a physical. I not … Continue reading

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  • A Day of Fun

    A Day of Fun

    It has to be the most politically incorrect and PETA unfriendly zoo in the world, but it was a big treat to the kids at the Chom Chao church home.  Mak Sou decided that after unloading 242 tons of rice meals and handling it three times; once off the container, once into storage and finally into the delivery trucks, they deserved a treat. They chose the zoo and were thrilled to see animals that they’d only read about. Never mind … Continue reading

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Recent Stories

  • Waring Principalities!

    Waring Principalities!

      This is a month for “Harvey Minderbinder” of  “Catch 22″ fame (He must be the devil’s spawn). Harvey became convinced that the greatest joy in life was to live a long. But, alas! He discovered the only thing that made life seem really long was when he was miserable. Thus, the poor conflicted Harvey, was only happy when he was miserable. Harvey must have been a happy guy much of this month! Battling “principalities” is not my preferred sport. … Continue reading

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  • Call to Pray

    Call to Pray

    At our FCOPI Board meeting in Anaheim, California, the board called for a day of fasting every Thursday until this is broken. I was taken to Revelation 12:17, “And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” I knew this was talking to us. The “Woman” represents the Kingdom of God established on this earth by His people. The formula for … Continue reading

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  • Rice Farm

    Rice Farm

    Our rice crop is honestly much better than that of 90% of the rest of the country, but we live day to day on the precipice of death by drought. We pray, and pray, and a rain comes just in the nick of time. We still don’t have the flood cover (2 to 4 inches of water) that we need that to put down our fertilizer. I don’t want to even think of the consequences of losing another crop. Harvey … Continue reading

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  • Attack on Kids

    Attack on Kids

      We have had attacks on our kids. One of our orphan boys from a floating church home, Phat San Dai, who’d been swimming like a fish since an infant, suddenly drowned. The only thing we can think of is cramps. Another child, Elisabeth, the daughter of our pastor at Krava church home, is suffering from a rare kind of hemorrhaging, called Bone Marrow Aplasia. She is in the hospital and the doctors say, “There is no hope.” Well, we … Continue reading

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  • Drought Relief

    Drought Relief

    Most of Cambodia is caught up in drought. I am so glad we brought in emergency supplies. We thank God for Reach Now International, Mission of Mercy, Children’s Hunger Fund and The Butte County Rice Growers. We have food to last until a harvest, but we do need rain.

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  • Deliverance


    Harvey had a few bad days! Churches keep growing, and one family brought in a 20 year-old woman bound in chains. She refused to wear clothes and attacked everyone. Pastor Sinoun and his elders prayed over her, cast out the demon, and restored her to her family fully clothed, and in her right mind.

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  • Thany’s Wedding

    Thany’s Wedding

    And, Cambodian “Elvis” That’s Thany, the head of our “Young Lions”, got married!  It was a big event for us. Thany saved money for nearly two years to pull it off, and most of our staff were on hand for the big event down at the coastal town of Kampot. We wish him a long and happy marriage.

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  • Mak and Pa Become Doctors

    Mak and Pa Become Doctors

    Through this all, Mak Sou and I became “Doctors of Divinity” in a special presentation at the graduation ceremony of Life Pacific College. Dr. Jim J. Adams presented the degrees along with Dr. Glenn Burris, Dr. Jim Scott, Dr. Remi Lawanson, and Dr. Sam Rockwell. This is a great honor and it is the first time this degree has been given to a missionary in around 40 years. We pray we prove worthy of it. Thank you to all!

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  • Teams


    The teams keep us afloat. There is no way to say this without sounding patronizing. Tim Wimberly led a team from Living Water Church and refurbished Sna Songkream Church Home. They left the place with a new lease on life. With the national operating license still being contested by powerful enemies, we need your prayers for the abandoned kids, as well as the orphans! Keep those teams coming. We had a couple of local teams repaint the small church at … Continue reading

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  • Five Suns in Battambang

    Five Suns in Battambang

    It’s been a Mark Twain month: “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” In my word’s, “Weird!” There were five suns over Battambang on April Fool’s Day, and it was no joke (click here to see video footage).  Obviously, it was caused by some strange atmospheric optical effect, but all the local shaman claim it’s a “Bad omen!” Since our God loves to prove them wrong, it must be good news! It definitely stirred some emotions and … Continue reading

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