• Pig Farm

    Pig Farm

    The Bible tells us that Jesus, “Made Himself of no reputation…” Well, up until now I’ve been content to be a “pig farmer” who became the “Forrest Gump” of missionaries. These are my terms, and I own them honestly. I may have overstated the “pig farmer”, as what most people immediately envision, is a guy in bib overalls and hip boots, with a bucket of slop in his arms, knee deep in “you know what”. It’s not that I’ve never … Continue reading

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  • Leadership Training

    Leadership Training

    It seems I have danced between provision and disaster so many times I can’t count them. That’s the “Forrest Gump” part of my ministry. I just do what I can in faith, and God provides what He does through grace. The thing is, our books are done for last year, our net worth increased, with the addition of some rice land and equipment, and our short-term debt was eliminated. That’s good! But, after a very slow December, January hit and … Continue reading

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  • Voice of the Apostles

    Voice of the Apostles

    I’ve been happily comparing myself to “Balaam’s donkey.” You know the one the Bible says, “The dumb ass spoke.” When I start receiving requests to validate the ministry of FCOP in order to be considered for recurring gifts, two things happened: 1) Sou and I received notice that we were being awarded Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degrees from Life Pacific College. 2) I am scheduled to speak at two sessions of the “Voice of the Apostles” meeting in Nashville, TN, … Continue reading

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  • Rice Farm

    Rice Farm

    At the rice farm we were able to add an additional 20 hectares thanks to the donation of a committed friend of the ministry. “Mango rains” have begun to fall and spring tillage has commenced. We received a container load of needed equipment, and are working hard to level, dike, ditch, and increase water storage capacity. We really need a bigger excavator. We found an old Hitachi for sale that is three times bigger than the one we have, but … Continue reading

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  • Children’s Hunger Fund

    Children’s Hunger Fund

    Children’s Hunger Fund, represented by Founder Dave Phillips and Asia Coordinator, Sam Lee, paid a visit to our hospital/clinic at Chom Chao. They are the group that funded the building of our hospital in 2008 through the generosity of Dr. Myron Wentz of USANA Health Sciences in 2008. They came and observed the amount of food which we must import from “Feed My Starving Children”, and just today have agreed to help fund the shipping of our food containers from … Continue reading

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  • Asia Link

    Asia Link

    Our good friend from Asia Link, Pastor Erik Jensen, along with founder, Eivind Frøen, paid us a visit and toured a floating town of 4000 families, which until recently, was completely unreached. FCOP General supervisor, Pastor Som Adt and a few staff members led them up there while the new pastor was in training in Phnom Penh. When the mayor of the floating town announced that they had arrived, so many people thronged his barge that it began to sink. … Continue reading

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  • Singapore Visitors

    Singapore Visitors

    Dr. Thomas Anthony, his son, Gabriel, and Pastor George Butron from Singapore, visited our Training Center and Rice farm. Dr. Thomas, a brilliant engineer in the field of thermodynamics, has developed an air-conditioning system that operates without any external power. They love missions and orphans and have offered to help us. Pray for God’s blessing and protection upon him and his patent.  

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  • Tractor for Sale

    Tractor for Sale

      Our tractor factory has seven tractors to sell. We just received three more. We decided to do a publicity photo shoot with three of our girls dressed in traditional dance costume, who form the core of our cultural arts program. After all, what’s more cultural for Cambodia than rice? Please pray the tractors are all sold this production season! We’ve had another busy month in Cambodia. One thing is for sure: We are never bored! We live in interesting … Continue reading

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Recent Stories

  • Merry Christmas 2014 from FCOP Cambodia

    Merry Christmas 2014 from FCOP Cambodia

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  • Rice Harvest

    Rice Harvest

    Rice is being harvested! It’s too early to tell how good it will be, but even though many people questioned the wisdom of planting the third time, it looks like it will pay off. When you farm you don’t quit. It is the same principle used in ministering to the hopeless. Ecclesiastes 11:4 states: “He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who observes the clouds will not reap.” We keep on plugging away, and the only farmers … Continue reading

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  • Pastor Training

    Pastor Training

    Training never ends here. Our main focus is on training pastors on how to “hear God”. We’ve seen pastors who can’t read and write their own language be able to minister effectively by listening to the Holy Spirit. In fact they are some of our most productive pastors. FCOP is a great believer in teaching the written word, but we’ve found few that teach methods to enable people to actually hear his voice, and none that teach it in a … Continue reading

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  • Dr.Mike Dental Team

    Dr.Mike Dental Team

    Dr. Derrick Dauplaise, Dr. Mike Callan, and Gary Houzenga have been visiting Cambodia several times a year for several years and always have a huge impact with their group of faithful servants sent through Medical Teams International. Dr. Mike brought some dental students from the University of Iowa, and it looks like it may become a regular feature. They served hundreds of our kids, church members, and needy people from the community from Khampong Channang Province. The love of God … Continue reading

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  • Container Arrival

    Container Arrival

    We were out of rice. There were four, 40 foot long, shipping containers heading for port and even though they’d been donated for free, we didn’t have the money to clear them through Cambodian customs. Then came our financial miracle. We paid up our past due fees and rice started to flow. Four containers of food stuff were received in November. That’s 88 tons! It may not have been turkey dinner, but it was surely something to be thankful for!

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  • Pastor Healed of Terminal Liver Disease

    Pastor Healed of Terminal Liver Disease

      After our financial miracle, Sou had a dream that God was going to do another miracle.  We received word that one of our top pastors from near the Vietnam border was dying. He’d been to a local hospital and the doctor gave him the words you never want to hear, “There is nothing we can do. Go home and prepare to die.” We put his name up on our prayer board, and Dr Lina, our staff physician, asked that he be … Continue reading

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  • Thanksgiving Miracle

    Thanksgiving Miracle

      Geezers do dream. Acts 2:17b is true! We have much to be thankful for! I learned a big lesson this month; about trusting God. It was truly miraculous and humbling! I feel a little like the starving tiger that got so focused on the flea in his fur that he didn’t even see the water buffalo calf walk by, so he went on being hungry. Make no mistake; our focus is on building the Kingdom of God in Cambodia! … Continue reading

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  • Elders Rise Up

    Elders Rise Up

    I don’t do this! I make the Cambodian’s do this kind of work. But, they trapped me! Four women, one man, Elders of the Cham Chao Church, stood in front of the congregation of 400 people, at the end of the Sunday service, and announced that God had called them to go evangelize some remote villages in Mak Sophat’s home province of Pursat. Mak Sophat, age 69, widowed twice, has been one of the primary caregivers to FCOP orphans since 1999. We never thought of her as leading an evangelistic team. … Continue reading

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  • Glenn’s Healing

    Glenn’s Healing

      It’s not, “good news”, but fear can be very empowering. The good part about realizing this is that we have a great incentive to operate by God’s  invective against fear; “Fear not”!  I am nearly convinced that fear is as empowering to the devil to wreak havoc in our lives as faith is to releasing God’s grace. The only reason we don’t get ‘Steam rolled’ is that God is greater than our fears. On the last day of the ECFC Conference our International President, Dr. Glenn Burris, fell ill. … Continue reading

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  • Booshway Team

    Booshway Team

      Colorado Mountain Men, “Booshway” in local terminology, took on building more than a mile of fence with 125 pound concrete poles for our Pailin Church/home. They not only had to clear the dense growth, but mix the cement by hand, and carry some of the poles nearly a kilometer. Although there were bruised shoulders and blistered feet to go around for all, there were also some revitalized souls.  Above all, a bunch of orphans who’d been thinking they were “stray dogs”, now see their lives have real … Continue reading

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