• Miracle Healing

    Miracle Healing

    Miracles are God’s business card. It’s like He is saying, “This is who I am!” It would be impossible for us to have seen the Cambodian church grow like it has without the demonstration of God’s power. Not everyone we pray for gets healed, but when something really dramatic happens it get’s a lot of attention. A woman wandered into the Chom Chao church three weeks ago. She was not a believer in Christ and had been bleeding for more … Continue reading

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  • Helping Poor Families

    Helping Poor Families

    FCOP is a church and has always run “Church Homes.” The Bible is clear in Psalms 33:3, “Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.” We will never turn our backs on this, no matter how politically incorrect it becomes. The problem is, we have to function under a government that has swallowed a deceptive lie, that residential child care is bad, and we’re under a mandate to meet the “New Standards” by March 2016. The … Continue reading

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  • New Standards

    New Standards

     It is a good idea to have an option before you burn your house down. Most senior government officials admit that they do not have a “Plan B”. None-the-less, we are making the physical changes needed, many of the ‘standards’ are good, like beds and foam mattresses, except where kids are used to mats, and they claim the foam is too hot. You’ll find them pulling their blankets off the bed and sleeping on a straw mat on the floor. … Continue reading

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  • Devilish Lie

    Devilish Lie

     The word “Orphan” has almost become politically incorrect. Organizations worldwide are scrambling to remove “Orphan” from their name.  The concept pushing this is called “Behavior Change Marketing”. Basically it leaves few survivors. The program involves “guilting” the people you want to change. It was the method used by hotels; when you go to a hotel and see the card on your bed asking you to “Save the environment” by not changing your sheets and towels. If you don’t do it … Continue reading

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  • New Churches

    New Churches

     We are continuing to build church facilities. There is a need of many more as large groups of new Christians need a place where they can gather for training and worship. We have three under construction at present. All of them are located in poor, rural areas.

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  • Two Great Teams

    Two Great Teams

    Two great teams came to help us with this rebuilding in January. Life Center from California rebuilt the remote church home at Prey Konlong, and Living Water Church from Washington rebuildt the home at Tumnup Island. We also had local teams go out to Kratie and  Dam Na Thmai. These crews did us a tremendous service, and will go a long way towards helping us meet the new government requirements.

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  • Rice Farm

    Rice Farm

    Harvest is over at the rice farm. The yields in fields with controlled water were excellent, but that was just 20% of our land, the rest went from mediocre to zero. Our solution is to develop the area to make it the primary source of sustainability for the entire FCOP program. We put together a quick video to explain this: Video  We also imported and constructed a building for seed and fertilizer storage, and began plowing for the next crop.

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  • Manna Pack

    Manna Pack

    What keeps us going is the donated food. Reach Now International, Feed My Starving Children, Children’s Hunger Fund, and Lou Binninger, have been huge for us and without their help we’d simply be out of business!

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Recent Stories

  • Hero of the Month

    Hero of the Month

    Happy New Year! If FCOP had to pick the “Hero” for the last month of 2015, it would have to be Children’s Hunger Fund. The timing could not have been planned better, and yet it was just one of the many God ordained miracles that have sustained this ministry for the past 17 years.  What am I talking about? “Duvets”! If you are like me, you’re thinking, “What are they?” I didn’t know it when I accepted the shipment last … Continue reading

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  • Hands and Feet

    Hands and Feet

    FCOP has never been an “Orphan Care Institution”. FCOP has always been, ‘the hands and feet’ of the church. We do what all churches are ordered to do; FCOP cares for the homeless, the orphan, the widow and the poor, and that will never stop. On December 14th the Department of Social Affairs announced, in a huge meeting, of all child care organizations in Cambodia, the requirements for residential care in the “New Standards”. FCOP could really help the Ministry … Continue reading

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  • Christmas Around the Country

    Christmas Around the Country

    Christmas is big deal here! Not only did we print up 140,000 special Christmas booklets pertaining to the “Power of God”. FCOP held Christmas events in hundreds of locations in every province around the country. Tens of thousands of people came to Christ! The events are still going on, and will last until mid January. At just one location in Phnom Penh, we estimate 3000 people came to Christ on Dec. 27th.

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  • Helping the Poor

    Helping the Poor

    In many communities the rice crop was a disaster this year. In Prey Veng Province, 250 families were suffering from lack of food. The mayor of the village and the township director requested FCOP’s help, and on Dec.21st, about 7 tons of food and supplies were given to them. Tomorrow, FCOP will answer a similar call for help in Khampong Thom Province.

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  • Rice Crop

    Rice Crop

    With the exception of seven hectares of rice that was planted the third time, and won’t be ready for another month, FCOP’s rice harvest is complete. It was not what it should have been, it was not what it could have been, but thank God it was the best in the area! One 50-hectare piece of land that is semi-improved, with some irrigation capacity, and flood protection, yielded 8 tons per hectare. It showed us what can be done; we … Continue reading

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  • New Church Dedication

    New Church Dedication

    We opened two new church buildings in December, both of them in rather remote locations. An Elder of the Foursquare Church in Korea funded one new building, in Kampong Speu Province. The President of Foursquare Korea, Dr. Kwang-Jin Jang, showed up to represent the church for the dedication. Several hundred villagers were present for the event, which was combined with a Christmas celebration. Several people came to Christ and one paralyzed man was healed.

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  • Thany’s Story

    Thany’s Story

    I am Thany, after my parents passed away, I had no place to live because my father sold and mortgaged everything to give my mom treatments, including our home. After she died we had to pay off debt in order to get our home back so, my father went to dig for sapphires in the Pailin Province.  While he was gone we had to live with neighbors.  No one could take all three of us in, so my brothers and … Continue reading

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  • Christmas Card 2015

    Christmas Card 2015

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  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! It is wonderful to live in a country where it is not “politically incorrect” to say that. With big help from the Home of English over 110,000 “Christmas Books” are being distributed in Cambodia, in their language. These books are 16 pages of full color stories about Christmas, the miracle power of God, and the plan of salvation. They appeal to all ages and feature true stories from FCOP Cambodia. We estimate that each book leads to about 1.5 salvations. … Continue reading

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  • A Christmas Gift Idea

    A Christmas Gift Idea

     In developed nations we often have this question: “What do we give someone for Christmas?” Here is a suggestion: How about a great set of worship songs that are blessing orphans and separated children? “Donate – Create” is one of the most insane sayings to come out of the “Anti-Orphanage Campaign.” Their campaign slogan, “Donate – Create” is the idea that if you donate to help an orphan, you create them. That is nuts! The only way to create an orphan is to … Continue reading

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