• Rice Drought

    Rice Drought

    Second chances? We serve a God of second, third, fourth… and infinite chances. Our problem is, we stop seeking them; “tuck our tail and run”! So, how often don’t we receive them (I mean second chances)? We give up, quit asking, are embarrassed, discouraged, tired, but where in the Bible does Jesus tell us to give in to despair? I may not feel this way, but we are blessed! We’ve gotten quite a few hits this month, but how we … Continue reading

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  • New Start At 80

    New Start At 80

    Doyle Pleasant Billington, or as we knew him here in Cambodia, “Pops,” was a retired farmer, and he started over in Cambodia at age 80, and raised cattle for almost 14 years. I conducted his funeral service this past month and we buried him at our Phdau Penh Church Home. He was the last surviving WWII vet in Cambodia, but a farmer at heart. Fifteen years ago his wife died of cancer and he was ready to give up on … Continue reading

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  • Hurray For Catholics

    Hurray For Catholics

    “Pops” was a Catholic, and now you’ll know why I love the Catholics! This ad, produced in 2012 and scheduled to be re-run in fall 2014, has gone viral but, it may give America another chance! It really should be sponsored by all believers in Christ.  

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  • Refugees From Thailand

    Refugees From Thailand

    Somehow, the local Thai police began shaking down Cambodian workers who did not have legal papers. The acting, “Martial Law”, Thai government claims it did not order this crackdown, but the 250,000 refugees that crossed at Poipet, Cambodia, all claimed they were told they had until June 27th to “Get out!” Most had their property confiscated, and many had received no food for days. With two church orphan homes in the city, FCOP went up to help. A lot of the funding … Continue reading

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  • New Church Starts

    New Church Starts

    New home groups are starting every month and we need trained leaders! We took in a lot of young orphans during our early years and they are growing up. This year we will see several hundred finish their secondary education and move into the work force. We are praying for a new batch of pastors to come from their ranks. Many will be seeking opportunities for further education, while others are thinking of joining the throng of returning refugees to … Continue reading

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  • Training Pastors

    Training Pastors

    Training new pastors is one of FCOP’s first priorities. “We can get all kinds of people born again, but then what?” ask many of our church leaders. We have been searching for years for a very simple, basic curriculum, devoid of religious “fluff”, that is easily translated into Cambodian. God worked it out for a couple from Thailand to dump one in our laps, for free, already translated. One week later, Mak Sou started our first training session.

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  • Living Water Gives Life

    Living Water Gives Life

    Giving a 12 year old Church Home and broken fence a second chance is what the Living Waters Church Team was all about. They rebuilt the church home at Basedth. It means a lot to give hope to these kids who often think that the world doesn’t care about them. They also performed some needed dental work. Having an aching tooth repaired is definitely a very welcome ‘second chance’.

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  • Cambodian Culture

    Cambodian Culture

    We’ve done more to promote Cambodian culture than about any organization in the country. But this is the first time we’ve introduced a new cultural blessing: The violin. The point is not that there have never been orchestras in the Cambodian past, but teaching the violin in the remote village of Steung Treng is unheard of.

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  • Sex Trafficking Scam

    Sex Trafficking Scam

    The whole “House of cards came tumbling down.” The New York Times and CNN got caught with major egg on their faces. It turned out the cornerstone of all their ‘anti-slavery’, ‘sexual trafficking’ claims was built on multiple fabrications. Dozens of NGO’s, which I refer to as the “Rescue Rangers” are scrambling to explain their deceptions. A credible researcher, Laura Agustin, writes: “The trafficking hoo-hah is not “myth,” but a terrible misnomer and misframing…. To focus on accountability implies that one accepts that there is a … Continue reading

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  • “Father Ted”

    “Father Ted”

      I hope the Catholics don’t send me to hell for performing priestly functions. I anointed the oldest, and only, living WWII veteran in Cambodia, Doyle Billington, with oil for healing. Although we hope he’ll be around for a long time, at age 93 he’s fighting a cancer. Doyle spent three years in the US Army defending the only part of the, now 50, United States to be invaded by Japanese land forces, the Aleutian Islands of Alaska.  I said the “Hail Mary” and … Continue reading

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  • Looking At What Is Seen

    This is not my “Faith Confession”, but it did seem to reflect reality. Think about it? It is looking at what is in front of you: You have 3000 kids to feed, no rice, a total of $36US in your combined possession, $120,000US in short term debt, (“Gotta get that rice crop in!”) about 50 staff members, unpaid for two weeks, and no food money distributed to the Training Center, with 110 Kids and staff to feed for the month. All … Continue reading

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  • Denying What Is…

    Denying What Is…

      What if you were not born into Christianity? Would your “faith” be based on your heritage? Would it be the simple acceptance of some doctrine just because it was drilled into you as a kid? Probably, and it’s going to take more than just persuasive speech to get you to change. I can understand that, but denying an observable reality is not faith, it’s dumb! My problems were real, and so is the “faith” held by those in lands that … Continue reading

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Recent Stories

  • True Faith!

    True Faith!

      So? What about truth? What is Biblical faith? It pertains to reality, and it changes outcomes. That’s neither being persuaded by your circumstances, nor blind acceptance. Real faith looks at that which faces it, and then invokes a reality that supersedes it. Like this painting of George Washington praying. Steve Farrell, Editor and Chief of The Moral Liberal, wrote of, “numberless miracles wherein Washington’s troops were delivered by changes in the elements, impressions in Washington’s heart, the timely discovery of traitors, the sparing … Continue reading

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  • Giving In Faith

    Giving In Faith

      The greater the opposition, the greater the faith requirement. For people in poverty, learning how to give is one of the greatest “Faith Lessons”. (Link D) The Tumnup Island believers are among the poorest people in Cambodia. But they are learning this; “Giving is the key to everything!” They won’t stay poor. They had a specific Sunday when all of the farmers brought in a tithe of their produce. They piled it up as an offering to the Lord for the … Continue reading

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  • Jenny Returns

    Jenny Returns

      Jenny Robinson came back! (Link B) She led a team from New Hope Bible College. It seems that a staff change left the team without a leader. The school knew of Jenny, and she was able to get time off from her job to come and lead this team of college students in rebuilding the remote home of Toul Sokrum, near the Vietnam border. They left the home with a beautiful new fence in place, and a bunch of … Continue reading

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  • Pastoral Training

    Pastoral Training

      One of the first casualties of a tight budget is training. Our lead pastors had not been together for several months, and Sou could sense, in the Spirit, that we needed to do something to re-build the unity and passion of our key leadership team. Despite the cost, we brought together 123 of our divisional and district leaders. Since Sam Tolle is busy with teams, and Errol Faulkes is still recovering from the stoke he suffered, that left Sou … Continue reading

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  • Water Man

    Water Man

      Lukas Graf, a chemist from Switzerland, is spending two months with us testing our wells. He found an interesting phenomena, we had several wells that were producing potable water from the pump, but it was getting polluted by our sand filters. Through the years, the kids, in bringing water from the pump to the filter, managed to corrupt it with unwashed hands. The filters were making them sick. Lukas developed a large poster showing the bacteria and posted it in every home he … Continue reading

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  • Texas Convention

    Texas Convention

      Pa Thom (me) and Mak Sou (Sou) spent the last days of May in the US attending our annual meeting for FCOPI, and the Foursquare Convention in Dallas.  Since the meeting was in Texas, we had to look the part. We partook in a Global Missions Conference before the convention, along with a speaking engagement after the convention. We were gone for 12 days. Lugging about 800 pounds of calendars and “Ministry Overviews” as excess baggage was the worst part of the … Continue reading

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  • Politically Incorrect

    Politically Incorrect

    I feel like the enemy in the cartoon “Rio”. Bulldozers, herbicides, chainsaws, and poison; my favorite things for turning jungle into rice land. So? Just shoot me! The rice farm has been a busy place! The farm crew has been busy clearing 70 acres of new land, and it will be planted this month. Soon to be growing nice green rice! (My redemption?) So far they’ve only dug up two anti-tank mines and a rocket grenade. Thank God, all were … Continue reading

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  • Elvis Lives!

    Elvis Lives!

    Are you one of those grouches that think Elvis is dead? If so, you probably don’t believe in the Easter Bunny, and poor Santa has been sent straight to hell. That’s alright, I still love you religious people! You just really do need to come to Cambodia. The truth is that I’m a little ticked off at Elvis myself. He almost broke up my marriage. We are supposed to love our wives, right? I mean, they are supposed to be … Continue reading

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  • Easter 2014

    Easter 2014

    Easter was a week late for us in Cambodia. It happened that Easter fell on the end of Cambodian New Year, which is the biggest holiday of the Cambodian year. We were not about to compete with that, so we became “Greek Orthodox” and gave ourselves a different date. It worked, and, as usual, the passion put into the preparations by a group of Cambodians who survived the Khmer Rouge holocaust was emotionally wrenching. You see they don’t just do … Continue reading

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  • El Sim, “Water Woman”

    El Sim, “Water Woman”

    El Sim, our little 4 foot 6 inch apostle, has few Biblical miracles that cannot be attributed to her ministry. As far as I know, no one has seen her walk on water yet, although she does seem to make it. There are few wells on her island of 100,000 souls. The geology of the sub-soil is like a block of cheese, there is no lateral movement of subterranean water.  God told her to dig a well on her property. … Continue reading

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