• Cosmic Battle

    Cosmic Battle

    Last Sunday the featured Cambodian ballet, at the Central Church, was depicting the war between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of Light. It turned out to be very appropriate. This may shock some of you, but not everything that happens on this planet is God’s will. Satan does bad stuff all the time. Our assignment is to take back occupied territory. We are in a war! From the time God told us to “fill the earth and subdue … Continue reading

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  • Majoring on the Major

    Majoring on the Major

    Sometimes we “Pentecostals” can “major on the minors”. The chewing out we get from the Lord in Matt 7:21-23 is because we didn’t focus on the will of our Father in Heaven, which is clearly stated in John 6:40. We need to get people born again. It really does not do a lot of good to get someone healed or delivered if they don’t get to know the Lord!  Now, the kicker is, that in a place like Cambodia, preaching a … Continue reading

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  • Sweet Spot

    Sweet Spot

    God has been good to us, it seems we’ve hit a “sweet spot” in the rice production cycle. It appears that the rainy season is ending, which didn’t start until September 12th. The Cambodian Water Festival, one of the biggest holidays in the year has been cancelled due to drought. The first crop was lost entirely to drought and we lost 75 acres of our second planting before we got enough rain to save the rest. Then a rouge cyclone … Continue reading

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  • Famine Fighters

    Famine Fighters

    With food shortages now being publicly acknowledged in Cambodia we are so grateful for the help we received form all of our partners. In addition to the usual monthly supply of Manna pack we received a 40 foot container of dried fruit from Gleanings for the Hungry.

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  • New Life to Old Homes

    New Life to Old Homes

    This has been a record year for church home renovations. Our local teams rebuilt three church homes this month and, the “Booshway Boys” (Mountain men) from the Lafayette, Colorado area of the USA, put a new face on one of our older homes. The home got a new cafeteria building, new paint, and new front fence. This was an expensive rebuild for a struggling church. This refreshing is much more than physical, it also demonstrates a new hope for the … Continue reading

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  • Pure Water

    Pure Water

     Drinking water in many locations is a big problem and our rice farm has no well. The geology of Cambodia will not support wells in many locations around the “Great Lake.” It is like drilling a hole in a giant block of cheese, there is no lateral movement, so wells simply don’t work. Our water source is a pond (reservoir) void of fish and ducks, but covered with aquatic weeds. The water is a murky green color. We were having to … Continue reading

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  • Baby Month

    Baby Month

    This month was “Staff Baby Month.” Sam and Yein Tolle welcomed a daughter, Nora Grace and Sarin and Rosa followed up with son, Sah Sadah. There is more than one way to grow a church!

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  • A Good God

    A Good God

     Six of our key leaders went to attend a five day teaching session with Bethy Barone, one of our FCOP Int’l board members. They covered several of the key teachings of Bar One Ministries, the key element being that God loves you so much He’ll do anything to get you back into His Kingdom, out of the muddy water and into the clean. You gotta love a God like that!

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Recent Stories

  • Family is Everything

    Family is Everything

    Kheuon’s earliest memory is of his mom. She was always sick, and his dad faithfully cared for her. Then his mom died and, not long after, his dad died as well. Kheuon remembers his grandparents looking for help, but their village and region were so impoverished that no one could take in three extra mouths to feed, including his grandparents. He and his two brothers were temporarily taken care of by their grandparents but the grandparents didn’t treat them well, stopping … Continue reading

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  • There’s A Miracle In You

    There’s A Miracle In You

    You may not realize it, but, Jesus was more “Eastern” than “Western.” There is a miracle in you! I wish I had time to talk to each one of you and tell you about the miracles of provision, and breakthroughs, God has given us through your generosity and His Grace. If you have 30 seconds, my daughter-in-law, Sandi (Tony’s wife) says it better than I ever will in a clip from her new album! Have a quick look and listen!

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  • No Fear

    No Fear

    To alter a few quotes: “And though he be but little, he is fierce!” -Wm. Shakespeare “You don’t tug on superman’s cape You don’t spit into the wind You don’t pull the mask off that old lone ranger And you don’t mess around with “Spud”! –Jim Croce My wife Sou had a dream about a giant snake trying to destroy us, after quite a struggle, she chased it off but didn’t kill it. Then, right in front of our office, three days ago, this 15 … Continue reading

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  • Our Focus

    Our Focus

    FCOP has been in Cambodia for 17 years, for one focused, unchanging, purpose: to see Cambodia come to Christ. Everything we do is predicated on that mandate. That’s why we do all of the things that we do, beginning with sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in every Church service all over the country, to planting new congregations. This month saw about eight new church/groups started. Several thousand came to Christ. There is a method to our madness!

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  • Continual Training

    Continual Training

    FCOP puts a great deal of effort and money into pastoral training. This month Mak Sou taught her way to exhaustion, fainting at the end of the hot, humid, fourth day of training, while I was in the United States. All is well, and the result is trained pastors going back to every province and training pastors. We are finally getting close to a comprehensive pastoral training curriculum. Oh happy day!

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  • New Buildings

    New Buildings

    A lot of people discount the importance of church buildings, but a building brings a permanent presence, a focal point for the community, a place for gathering and training, a place to care for the hurting, the sick and the separated to find care. Sure, buildings cost a lot of money, they can burn down and be stolen, but they can also last 500 years!  We began two more new church buildings this month and have another in progress.

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  • New Hope

    New Hope

        We show the love of God in practical ways. Why? It is hard to get hurting, sick, or hungry people to pay much attention to your spiritual persuasions if you don’t have something material, either in substance or in power to offer them. We sent four local Cambodian teams out to help congregations, paid for with Cambodian money, located in hurting communities. It’s tough out there when 90% of your people are farmers, and you are in the … Continue reading

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  • Power In Action

    Power In Action

    If you are trying to preach a God without the demonstration of His miraculous power you are more than handicapped! Often there is no doctor, money, or medicine available. We use our God given authority over the works of evil and often see wonderful results. Sure, not everyone we pray for is healed. But we’ve seen entire villages come to faith with a single healing or miracle. This month blind eyes were opened, the deaf heard, cancers died, the lame walked and haemorrhaging … Continue reading

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  • Fight Trafficking

    Fight Trafficking

    Fighting “Human Trafficking” is the current ‘hot button’ for funding NGO(Non-Profit) growth, quite frankly the legend is not the reality. The truth is that most so called “Trafficked” young women in Cambodia are simply, uneducated, country girls or single moms who have to make a living, and care for their extended family. The option of working in a Garment factory for 10-12 hours per day, six days per week, and never seeing their family isn’t very desirable.   It’s much easier … Continue reading

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  • God’s Provision

    God’s Provision

    I’d just call it common sense, but in retrospect, I believe it was God that I heard months before this years drought, saying, “Store up food for a drought.” Through our partners at Reach Now International, Children’s Hunger Fund, Feed My Starving Children, Glad Tidings Church, Butte County Rice Growers, Dave Wilkinson, and others we have been stockpiling rice meals all year. Even if we harvest a good crop of rice many farmers are finished. They simply have run out of money … Continue reading

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