• Elders Rise Up

    Elders Rise Up

    I don’t do this! I make the Cambodian’s do this kind of work. But, they trapped me! Four women, one man, Elders of the Cham Chao Church, stood in front of the congregation of 400 people, at the end of the Sunday service, and announced that God had called them to go evangelize some remote villages in Mak Sophat’s home province of Pursat. Mak Sophat, age 69, widowed twice, has been one of the primary caregivers to FCOP orphans since 1999. We never thought of her as leading an evangelistic team. … Continue reading

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  • Glenn’s Healing

    Glenn’s Healing

      It’s not, “good news”, but fear can be very empowering. The good part about realizing this is that we have a great incentive to operate by God’s  invective against fear; “Fear not”!  I am nearly convinced that fear is as empowering to the devil to wreak havoc in our lives as faith is to releasing God’s grace. The only reason we don’t get ‘Steam rolled’ is that God is greater than our fears. On the last day of the ECFC Conference our International President, Dr. Glenn Burris, fell ill. … Continue reading

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  • Booshway Team

    Booshway Team

      Colorado Mountain Men, “Booshway” in local terminology, took on building more than a mile of fence with 125 pound concrete poles for our Pailin Church/home. They not only had to clear the dense growth, but mix the cement by hand, and carry some of the poles nearly a kilometer. Although there were bruised shoulders and blistered feet to go around for all, there were also some revitalized souls.  Above all, a bunch of orphans who’d been thinking they were “stray dogs”, now see their lives have real … Continue reading

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  • Rice Harvest

    Rice Harvest

    You fall into a pit easy and you crawl out hard.” This now $250,000 US hole we’ve dug, raising three rice crops without a major harvest, has us clamoring for breathing space. We saved about 12 hectares (30 acres) of rice from our second planting because it was valuable seed, even though drought had seriously damaged the yield. We’d paid about $3.00 per kilogram for this “Breeder’s Seed”, and it was what we intended to plant next season. The yield was poor, but because it was planted on newly cleared … Continue reading

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  • Food Arrival

    Food Arrival

      Nutrition rice meals have kept us alive for the past 7 months. We usually pay the freight, but that still saves us 50% over the cost of buying rice in Cambodia, and it is very nutritious. One meal per day of this product will give a person the necessary vitamins and minerals for a healthy life. FCOP has developed quite a distribution network around these meals. We have four insulated, climate controlled, 40 foot long “High Cube” containers for the initial storage, two, 5 ton trucks and two, 2 &1/2 … Continue reading

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  • ECFC 2014

    ECFC 2014

    I didn’t exactly “fear” the Eastern Council of Foursquare Churches Biennial Conference, (ECFC) which we hosted in Cambodia this year for 500 representatives from 21 nations, but I did flippantly pray (You know? One of those prayers that you know won’t get answered), “God if you could give me a time machine, and just let me leapfrog over those days of October 7th through the 10th, I’d be most grateful!”  Job said, “That which I have greatly feared has come upon me. ” And all hell had broken lose in … Continue reading

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Recent Stories

  • From Hatred to Love!

    From Hatred to Love!

    My name is Thany.  I was born in the Battambang Province.  My family was all farmers.  Every year, we wouldn’t have enough to eat because the rice was destroyed by flood or it was fruitless, so my family would go work in other people’s fields in exchange for food.  My mother drank, smoked, and gambled every day.  One day she got sick.  At that time we had no money so my father decided to sell our buffalo to get her … Continue reading

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  • Voice in the Darkness!

    Voice in the Darkness!

    A voice called me in the darkness and flooded my life with light.  My name is Sandok.  In 1996, my father was a Khmer Rouge Commander.  Where we lived in Southern Pursat Province was experiencing drought, the cattle had nothing to eat.  My father sent me to take the herd about 30 kilometers north to the east of the city of Pursat where there was grass for them to graze.  I arrived and set up camp along highway 5.  Late … Continue reading

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  • Lame Man Walking!

    Lame Man Walking!

    This is a story of the God who heals and how He completely changed every aspect of my life.  My name is Som Art.  When I was fourteen years old I was chopping firewood; the ax skimmed off a hard piece of wood and cut my leg.  We had no antibiotics and the nerve was cut.  My leg swelled up and the infection went up my back.  I was paralyzed from the waist down.  We were very poor and had … Continue reading

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  • Thank you Manna Pack!

    Thank you Manna Pack!

    We ran out of rice in June. Without the help of partners like Feed My Starving Children, we’d be dead. The Manna Packs they have sent are a huge part of how we stay alive and the Director, Mark Crea, and his wife Rose visited the work here and even took time to pray for Mak Sou. We are so thankful for all these acts of kindness there are really no adequate words to express our gratitude.

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  • The good from Nazareth

    The good from Nazareth

    Nazareth’s full name is Nazareth Kong. He was named Nazareth for Jesus’ hometown and Kong after our staff pediatrician that nursed him back to health, Dr. Kong Rolina. Even today we don’t know exactly how old Nazareth is, we had to give him a name and a birthday. That’s all you can do with a child like Nazareth, when they are abandoned and dropped off at the church by a random, goodhearted citizen. Nazareth was found in the middle of … Continue reading

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  • Kids leading the charge!

    Kids leading the charge!

    In a Sunday morning service, our General Supervisor gave a sermon on the “Power of the Holy Spirit”. Then, surprisingly, he called seven and eight year olds to lead the prayer. Thirty people received the baptism in the Holy Spirit at the hands of these children. What more can I say? “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and … Continue reading

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  • Help from Horizon

    Help from Horizon

    One of our most supportive partners, Horizon’s Church, sent an overseeing team and a substantial amount of money to help renovate church/homes. They did a tremendous amount of work and were a real encouragement. The pictures can do the talking.

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  • Heaven will be “one big tractor junkyard”

    Heaven will be “one big tractor junkyard”

    Pa Thom (Ted) traveled to the US to speak at the Great Northern District Conference in the State of Montana, he also spoke at churches in Montana and North Dakota. Though he didn’t get pictures of his speaking engagements, he did get a glimpse of heaven. Pa Thom thinks heaven is going to be “One Big Tractor Junkyard”. Mak Sou totally disagrees, but regardless he acquired three more candidates for the “Tractor Factory”. The kids learn heavy equipment mechanics and … Continue reading

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  • Who will care for me?

    Who will care for me?

    About 70% of FCOP kids are orphans as defined by UNICEF. The other 30% are kids that are abandoned, or share the fate of Chom Rong, a boy that had parents. Before you condemn us for taking him in, read his story as interviewed by Katie (one of our new volunteer staff from the States). She did not seek him out, but he just happened to be the first staff member she interviewed. He has been under our care since … Continue reading

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  • Rice is planted for the third time

    Rice is planted for the third time

    September has been a miraculous month! Thank God! And thank you! No, we’re not out of debt, and we still don’t have a rice crop, but we are filled with hope, with green fields, and a thriving Church, and we are still here! Hope fills the air. September was a battle, but victory consumes defeat. Our rice is planted for the third time, and water has risen in the river to the point where we can irrigate, the fields are … Continue reading

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