Directors: Ted & Sou Olbrich

Ted met and married Sou while working for the U.S. Embassy in Laos for three years during the Vietnam War. Though Ted has a background in business and agriculture, they spent 12 years pastoring in Woodstock, Ill., before answering the call to the mission field. Founding FCOP in 1999, the work  in Cambodia has rapidly grown under Ted and Sou’s leadership. more than 3000 churches have been planted and 106 Church Orphan Homes are operating and thousands of orphans and widows are being cared for. The Olbrichs have four children who are living here in the U.S. (Tony, Emil, Chanta and Hannah), all married. The Olbrichs’ have 5 grandchildren.


Foreign Staff

With the exception of the Olbrichs, who receive support from Foursquare Missions International, the foreign staff are all volunteers who raise their own support. They offen operate on a very tight budget and would benefit from additional funding. However, this is done so that no foreign salaries are paid by FCOP and 100% of donor support funds are used to fully care for the orphans and Cambodian ministry.

402387_3191754870691_680523390_nSam Tolle Sam has a long Foursquare history and is our Mission Teams Coordinator. Five years after coming to Cambodia on construction teams he returned to join the FCOP staff in November 2010. He and the mission teams are working at our church/homes to meet the urgent needs of our orphans and widows. In addition to managing correspondence with planned and potential teams, and organizing in-country logistics for work projects he has also picked up a lot of the Cambodian language; especially how to ask for the deep fried bananas in local markets.


National Paid Staff

Every month a team of FCOP office staff visit each church home, checking on the children and meeting with the pastors about the local church. They distribute needed supplies and monthly funding. Throughout the country, FCOP employs approximately 680 Cambodian staff, who among other jobs working as caregivers, teachers and cooks. Most are widows who receive a stipend for their personal needs, in addition to their room and board.

 Help us change a nation one life at a time.