Home Sponsorship

Donors from around the world help provide the food and daily care of the orphans. Each church orphan home is also actively involved in local economic activities to supplement this support and works toward becoming self-sustaining. In 1999, FCOP set a home sponsorship cost of $1,500 per month and has never had to change that amount.

FCOP has been blessed to raise more and more local support through the churches and micro-enterprises each year. That said, not all of our homes are fully sponsored and the number of children within a home can be fluid. So that no child is ever left without care, as in a family, everyone shares in supporting one another. The actual monthly cost of raising an individual child is listed below.

Monthly Support Cost per Child (US$) * Figures from 2014 records

Item Cost

Thank you for sponsoring our home!


Food* $23.82
Staff $8.07
Clothing $3.72
School & Education $5.68
Home Maintenance $4.20
Transportation $2.50
Administration $2.90
Medical $2.30
Dental $1.51
English & Academic Instruction $1.22
Security $1.10
Beds – Blankets – Mosquito Nets $1.48
Personal $1.50
Home Utilities $2.78
Miscellaneous $1.60
TOTAL $64.38

* This does not include locally grow, produced and donated food items.

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