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The Stampede

Eighteen years in the same saddle, attempting to herd Cambodian pastors, orphans, staff and general population into the kingdom of God, both Sou and I in our seventies this year, It has been a long ride! So, we are working to transition the leadership of FCOP over to a board directed Cambodian team, over the next 5 years. Last month, some crucial progress was made in the form of a matching grant, on developing the most critical factor of transition, a sustained financial support system for the Cambodian orphans and widows, the Rice Farm Development. Good friends have suggested, “Why don’t you just …  

Rice: The Way Out

  We’re looking for a good crop on the rice we had protected from flood. The Thing is we need 400 hectares (1000 acres) of protected land producing 3 crops per year, and that takes a grant of $1,500,000 to develop. Why Rice? Why this big push to develop the farm? Good questions. Common Questions. It has to do with the transition of leadership. How do Sou and I replace ourselves? That’s more than a rhetorical question when you are 70 years old and have been at the helm of a rapidly growing work for 18 years. We have a …  


I’d say, “This kid could talk a mouse into boarding a cat bus!” When do you give up on people? There are times when they need to be isolated (incarcerated ) for public safety, or you may have to avoid them, or remove them from your presence, due to harm they can cause, but really? I guess the answer is, “Never!” An orphan boy we found in the garbage, diagnosed by doctors as too malnourished to ever learn or ever walk, has certainly tested us. Nazareth has been in jail, rehab centers, stolen car batteries, cell phones, money, even stole his …  

The Swiss are Here

I (Ted) had a small part in putting them together. Lukas, a Swiss chemist, and Jenny our staff member, met here in Cambodia and have been married for about three years. They haven’t given up on Cambodia. They brought a team and helped us give new life to the Kampot Church/Home. Everywhere Lukas goes he leaves clean water behind, and Jenny, and experienced Team Leader in her own right, worked under the direction of the newest member of our foreign staff, Joshua Dunlap, in completing a successful project. The Swiss team finished up at our Kompot Home! Such a great time …  

Stuff does Hit the Fan

Things do go wrong! Two pastors at Church/Homes decided to take off with with monthly home support in the last 60 days, one to pay off bad debts, and the other to take off with new wife. We’d like to think we’re above that, but though people will always give you a reason to be disappointed, they also every reason to hope! Sou went to Preah Vihear province to “Clean up Dodge”, and the one pastor who was holding things togather, from another church/home 40 kilometers north of there came down with acute appendicitis. Sou and the leaders prayed, had …  

Donbosco – Our Best Friends

Don Bosco Technical School. Sixteen of our kids graduated this year with degrees in everything from automotive technology to electronic repair, electrical wiring, machining, sheet metal and welding, printing, to hotel and restaurant management. Eleven more students head toward completion of their technical degrees. Our favorite partners in Cambodia, the Salesians of Don Bosco, our Catholic brothers and sisters! We love these guys!  

Too much to mention

We press on with all the other stuff; teaching and training with our new “Catechism”, getting people born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, giving “Hep B” shots, putting in water filters, training in the use of the audio Bibles (“Proclaimers’), rebuilding/homes, and receiving and distributing rice nutrition meals to our kids and staff. I’ve said too much already, so let’s save that for another time. Have a wonderful August! We plan on it!  

Miracle Provision

For FCOP it was a “Loaves and Fishes” moment of multiplication. In April we were told that there would be no “Manna Pak” rice nutrition meals available to us for at least two months due to the North African drought. Then in late May our rice was flooded and we lost half a crop. Talk about feeling doomed! We couldn’t have been flatter if we’d been run over by a steamroller! Then Lou Binninger, found us a load of nutrition rice from one his sources, 40 tons of rice came in from Butte County Rice Growers, and a load of …  

Rice to Flood

FCOP depends upon our rice production to feed the 2500 orphans and widows under our care. It never floods in early June in SE Asia, Right? Ha! Except this year! We went from this (top) to this (bottom) in 3 days from May 30 to June 2. The pictures were taken in approximately the same area about two weeks apart. We have lost about 1/2 of our crop, about 330 acres, and we have now replanted again.       When do we give up? After four years of rice crop failure you’d think we’d learn, after all, Albert Einstein defined …  

Something Smells Fishy

It smells kind of fishy! The most expensive component of feeding 2500 orphaned & separated children and the widows caring for them, is dietary protein. Our best and most reasonable source is fish, and the majority of our homes have fishponds. There are several different varieties that do well in our ponds, unfortunately the best, Tilapia, require the highest degree of management. The most difficult aspect of rearing them is keeping the water cool enough under the hot Cambodian sky and still get the to a harvest weight by the end of March when many of the ponds dry up. …  


A single draft horse can pull a load up to 8,000 pounds. The two trained horses in tandem can actually pull 32,000 pounds, which is a load four times as heavy as either of the horses could pull by themselves. Draft horses can teach us a lesson which involves not only teamwork but coordinated and trained collaboration.This is a reason we have learned well at FCOP. Teams are essential to us, and it’s not really about work or money although both are needed. Want to bring a team to Cambodia? Check out this video as why you should come and what …  


  We’ve all seen the “Kung Fu” type movies. I like one particular instance where the “Master” wanted to show his students a new technique of shooting an arrow. He instructed his students to blindfold him with a towel and then he shot. When took off the blindfold he saw a completely clean target, no arrows in it.  He glanced at his students and they where afraid to look at him, embarrassed because he totally missed. In a quick recovery the master asked, “What did you learn from that?” They stammered a bit and one disciple blurted out, “I thought …  

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About FCOP International in Cambodia

FCOP International is committed to help establish healthy local churches in communities throughout Cambodia. These churches help bring spiritual revival, social redemption and economic restoration. We care for widows, orphans and separated children, create sustainable micro enterprise programs and promote healthy family values all over Cambodia. We also target to prevent human trafficking, slavery and the breaking up of families. We fund these operations through donations and sustainable local projects.

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