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The Culture Warriors

“History”, according to Napoleon, “Is a lie agreed upon”. If you’ve ever visited the “War Museum” in Vietnam you certainly get a different perspective than you do in the States. Who’s right? Well the old maxim is that, “The victors write the history.” So, doesn’t look good for the American version. Having been on the losing side, I’m not sure?? I am comforted by the fact that God ultimately sorts it out. But, I suppose that had I been North Vietnamese in 1968, I’d hate me. People react to the information they are fed, and much of Europe has been …  

Take up Serpents

“They” (meaning His followers), said Jesus Christ, “will take up serpents: and if they drink any deadly thing, it will by no means harm them: they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” We love Christmas, and I don’t mean to be sac-religious, but I can’t get this old camp song out of my head that was sung to the tune of “Joy to the World”. It went like this: Joy to the world the devil’s dead. We barbecued his head. What happened to his body? We flushed it down the potty. Around, around it went. Around around it went. …  

Christmas Around Cambodia 2017

In speaking of Christmas, Bob Hope said, “If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.” Christmas in Cambodia has been a continual celebration from the first of December with some of the smaller churches just finishing up well into the New Year. They stretch it out so that leaders get to visit neighboring churches for the free meal and help out with the evangelism. Thousands of people came to know Christ. It truly is the most fruitful time of the year for us. The Christmas books were distributed and rarely discarded. If one was …  

Good Fences, Good Neighbors

Dad taught me that “Good fences make good neighbors,” when I was growing up on an Illinois dairy farm.  He put it into practice, as property line fences where always split 50/50 in terms of construction and maintenance. Our fences were always the best and in good repair. That lesson has carried over to our Church/Homes, except that in Cambodia FCOP pays 100% of all costs and maintenance. The Chomka Chek Church/Home fence was falling over due to erosion of a neighboring pond. A team from The Father’s House in Vacaville, California showed up and bailed us out with a fine new fence. We now have …  

Clean, Clear, Water!

 “I watched steams of sewage go up into a machine … it made its way through it…I took a long taste at the end result: a glass of delicious drinking water,” said Bill Gates. Our pond water may not be that extreme but it is loaded with bacteria and in the particular area our ponds are located there are no wells as the geology of the soil will not support a well. The soil is like a big block of cheese, water simply does not move through it. We have to catch and store rain water in reservoirs for drinking, even …  

Rice Farm Development!

“I’m already there!” says Ted Olbrich, discussing raising the “Matching Grant” of $750,000US for the rice farm development. The only thing is I’ve only raised about 1/3 of the needed $750,000.00. But in my heart it is a done deal. I will need some very real help from you to get there. It must be done by March first. We plan to begin by developing the existing land as we are able and then expand it to supply the needs of FCOP. We are now harvesting our “Heavy Rice.” It is the very long season (9 months from seeding to …  

Christmas Card 2017

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Please click on the center picture for a Christmas message for you from Mak Sou and I. Then click around the pictures of our interactive Christmas card for a review of 2017. Merry Christmas and Great Blessings upon you and yours! h    

Cynic or Prophet?

I used to think Clare Booth Luce (late US novelist, playwright, politician & diplomat) was a great cynic due to her famous quote: “No good deed goes unpunished.” I was a Christian at the time and I believed in the protection and blessing of God. I still do but I came to realize that not everything that happens in this world is God’s will. There have been too many disasters this year, especially in the USA. How many is it? Four hurricanes, massive floods, earthquake in Mexico, mass shooting in Las Vegas, and record fires in California. I’ve heard some preachers calling …  

Disaster and Prevention

When bad stuff happens we have to fight back, not roll over and blame God. FCOP is a very unusual missions ministry. If we were just evangelizing and planting churches we could simply roll with the resources available, but with 2500 kids and widows to care for, we can’t just stick them in a closet for a month until times get better. We have to find a way to continue. The pictures above are a great illustration of this. The flat rice was actually a very good, traditional, ‘red rice’ from Thailand. We did everything right and it is probably producing …  

We ‘Gotta’ do this

We must fund the matching grant of $750,000USD received for the Rice farm Development. I know that is a lot of money, but when you think about what we’ve lost, and keep losing through drought or flood, multiple times per year, it is something we “Gotta do!” I know it is much easier to raise money to relieve a disaster than to prevent a disaster, but prevention is always cheaper. The map below is a mock up of what we can do on our land. We currently own less than half of it. There are 1000 blocks, if we could …  

Cancer Cancelled

It looked like cancer to the dentist, the surgeon who examined him thought it was cancer and pastor John was headed home to prepare his family for the worst. But first he was prayed for multiple times. The results came back and he has no cancer! Pastor John had hosted the dental/construction team from Clinton and Cedar Rapids, Iowa at the Church/Home he pastors in Dodentry, Cambodia. After filling, pulling and treating teeth in hundreds of patients, pastor John’s prognosis was the worst. It just goes to show prayer does trump the devil. In addition the building and grounds received …  

Training in Basics

Thanks to a generous donor, FCOP was able to take the “Rooted and Grounded” basic training to the church leaders in Mondulkiri Province. FCOP now has a completed workbook to accompany the 176 pages of text. Pastors are really grateful to have these basic doctrines before them in a Cambodian format written in a Cambodian context. The man who may have been touched the most is the chief editor, our Administrator, Pow Naret. He commented, “Pa, I grew up with this, but I never really understood how it all worked until I had to put this together.” As is normally the …  

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FCOP International is committed to help establish healthy local churches in communities throughout Cambodia. These churches help bring spiritual revival, social redemption and economic restoration. We care for widows, orphans and separated children, create sustainable micro enterprise programs and promote healthy family values all over Cambodia. We also target to prevent human trafficking, slavery and the breaking up of families. We fund these operations through donations and sustainable local projects.

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