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Pastor Bill and David Norton Teaching in Pursat

“Hey! You have a good reputation!” This month, I write to you, the exceptions, those of you who have valued following God above the popular flow. That’s you! You are the people who keep this boat afloat! You send food, support ‘Church Community Centers’, establish micro-enterprises, and help grow the church. God loves what you do and the devil hates it. You are tipping a nation into the arms of Jesus, and I am sure you are paying a price for it, but you are the true hero’s in my eyes! I wish I could highlight you all! Like the …  

Office teams fixing Oral Church/Home

Our reputation? FCOP can safely say that we definitely do not have the problem of, ‘all men speaking well of us.’ The leaders of the political party had come to one of our pastors denouncing him. “You are the mayor of this community and so many people have become Christians that the Buddhist Temple cannot raise support! You have a bad reputation!” The pastor/mayor had committed himself to double down on his efforts to see the community come to Christ. It is not politically popular to do this in a country where Buddhism is the national religion.  But the pastor …  


Even though UNICEF is equally committed to dismantle our community based church care system, and replace it with ‘foster care’, they have no way to supervise it. Their campaign slogan, “Donate – Create” insinuates that if you donate to help an orphan, you create them. That is crazy! The only way to create an orphan is to kill a parent. I’d like to suggest a new spin on the term, “Donate – Create!”. “Yes! Donate and create opportunities for orphaned and separated children to go to school, have a safe place to live, get needed medical care and find love and support, …  

God keeps us afloat

Honestly, I don’t know how God keeps us afloat, and without sounding arrogant, I don’t know of anyone doing what we are. So, we have to follow George Muller’s model, with a little begging thrown in. We’re broke at the moment, and face a new month of support along with planting a new rice crop, but as I say that, we continue to train leaders, plant churches, rescue children, and develop the economy. I have to acknowledge that somehow, I believe we will survive.  

God was ticked!

God was ticked! The Israelis’ had a bad reputation with Him.  He was tired of their religious ceremonies, fasting, prayers, sacrifices, and ceremonies. So, what did He want? “Learn to do good; Seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor;Defend the fatherless, Plead for the widow.” (Isaiah 1:17) Hey, That’s FCOP!  

A little pain upon my predicamnet

To pile a little pain upon my predicament there are those that try to disparage our work here by claiming we exaggerate numbers, have no depth to our theology, etc.  But, they don’t care for orphans and widows. Look at this, FCOP’s last big annual meeting from ten years ago, and we have grown every year since!. Despite what the critics say, we are the largest church network in the country, and the growth is all a result of following the Holy Spirit    

Manna Pack

  Do you have any idea what it’s like to care for 2500 orphans and widows each month with no guaranteed support? I can hear the gears grinding in our critics heads: “Well, brother, maybe you missed God?” Really? What about this? “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” “Hmmm”, you think, “Ted, you’re in a grumpy mood this month!” No, I’m not grumpy, I’m grateful for what you, our partners, have done! Feed My Starving Children is a …  

I am not the last forever on this Earth!

I realize that I am not going to last forever on this earth. I do think God has a succession plan, I also believe I may have some faint idea of what that is, but the burden of believing God for $150,000.00 US per month to keep kids alive is too much to pass on to anyone who is not called and anointed to do it. The rice farm has to be developed to carry that financial load, and like a bridge, I can’t build it just half way. It is the giant step toward sustainability. If you know of …  

FCOP Needs More Than Moral Support

  Right now FCOP needs more than moral support. God has established the church here, but I have to tell you frankly, that I believe the reason for our supernatural growth has been God’s blessing upon our care for orphans and widows, as demonstrated by “Dare to Love”. and  teams are a big boost to what we do, they encourage kids, provide a needed project and give you a first hand look at what FCOP is doing to help a nation. Thanks! There is no way we can do this without you!  

Norm Knudsen’s Story

Norm Knudsen, Founder and CEO of Mercy Smiles International, and former director of Children of Promise, passed peacefully in his sleep on Saturday March 25th, 2017 at his home in Alma, Missouri, USA. He was an extraordinary man of empathy, kindness, and great “Father” love. In 1976 Norm was filled with the Holy Spirit and the world turned over. He left his dream executive job in tele-communications, packed up the family, and left his 13-acre hobby ranch in Minnesota. He and His wife Karen headquartered in Missouri and began a 40- year run of directly helping destitute children around the …  

My Grandfather

  My Grandfather worked as a lumberjack in the state of Wisconsin, USA, during the early 1890’s in order to save money to start farming. He used to refer to, “Logjams” when things just started to get plugged up or bogged down. They were a mess! One log getting twisted and out of place could jam up a whole year’s worth of work. They would first try to get logs flowing with long handled pikes called a, “peavey”, but, often have to resort to dynamite to blow them open. I am convinced that the devil loves to create spiritual logjams, and …  

Meeting in Pursat

Getting bogged down with a maintenance mentality is a terrible jam-up for God’s people. Often times, if just the key component can be dealt with, the entire mass starts moving again.  Mak Sou headed up to Pursat Province praying in the Spirit for the gift of ‘discerning of spirits’, to clear the logjam plugging a vibrant movement of God and get it flowing again. God showed her the offending log. There was such a snarled, intertwined mess of bruised egos and wounded spirits, it initially looked like the only answer was to blow the whole thing up. Sou started to use …  

 Help us change a nation one life at a time.


About FCOP International in Cambodia

FCOP International is committed to help establish healthy local churches in communities throughout Cambodia. These churches help bring spiritual revival, social redemption and economic restoration. We care for widows, orphans and separated children, create sustainable micro enterprise programs and promote healthy family values all over Cambodia. We also target to prevent human trafficking, slavery and the breaking up of families. We fund these operations through donations and sustainable local projects.

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