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In Memory of El Sim

I was in the kitchen at 5:45am making coffee, I heard the shout from my wife, Sou, upstairs, “El Sim’s dead! Murdered, and thrown in a well!” I was numb. I put down the coffee ran up the stairs and started to sort through the details. El Sim had been missing for two months. The story, which was circulated and never seemed credible to Sou and I was that she had run off with the orphans’s support money, a big loan on the family land and a foreign lover. The truth was she’d been murdered by her husband, her personal effects burned …  

Hang in their Dooley, the cavalry is on the way!

For the first three days of August, Sou and I had 37&1/2 cents. I don’t say that to elicit sympathy, because it was totally voluntary. We’d gone into August still owing 1/2 of our July home support and staff salaries. The loss of one-half of our rice crop was devastating to us; a $250,000.00 kick in the rear end we didn’t need. We had to replant, because that would ensure failure. I appealed to a few friends and some people who I had not spoken with in many years came through in a big way. One of them wrote back, “Hang …  

The Rice Crop Harvest and Re-Planting

The rice crop has been replanted, and 200 acres of the remaining Jasmine rice has been harvested and replanted. It all goes to underline the importance of the development of our dike and reservoir construction and expansion of our “Rice Farm Production Enterprise”. FCOP has perfected tillage in flooded rice fields and reseeding into mud. The video here is not a converted 19th century steam boat but a $X$ tractor with steel paddle wheels and a leveling harrow (see video). We have a matching grant for one-half of the needed $1,500,000 and are searching for the other half. Any Ideas? We …  

Acid Rain Go Away, Don’t Come Back Another Day

Acid rain is crazy aggressive. It goes through cheap roofing sheets in three years, good galvanized sheets in 7 years, the best you can buy, triple-coated, in 10 years. Quarter inch steel railings rust through, even with frequent painting in about 7 years. It is hard on concrete, play equipment and about everything else. It come’s courtesy of Chinese coal fired electric generation, with yellow tinted clouds of sulfur laden solution being mixed with rain. All we can do is repair constantly and seek to go to higher grade materials like stainless steel, and ceramic coated concrete roof tiles. It is more expensive, …  

A Fire Started in Rattanakiri

We could not fit all the kids who wanted to get into the “fire of the Spirit” into the building. Our Young lions ministered to them anyway. There were salvations, baptisms in the Holy Spirit, and water baptisms in multiple dozens. Our leaders estimate 150 were filled with the Spirit in one service. It was a great time in the remote Province of Rattanakiri, on the opposite side of the country from the revival in Bantemeanchy last month.  

First All Cambodian Dental Clinic Outreach

We went on our own! For the first time FCOP hosted it’s own, no foreign staff, dental team in Preah Vihear Province. Some of the team did some needed repairs. It was a great success and really gave FCOP a lot of favor in a town where a rogue pastor ran off with a new wife. Hey! We’re not perfect. We want to thank Dr. Mike Callan of Clinton, Iowa for funding this great success.  

Good Relationship

FCOP is recognized as one of the leading Christian groups in the country and we have a good relationship with Bhuddist’s. Thus, when the Laotian Minister of Interior came to Cambodia to find out how to foster good relations between the faiths Mak Sou was called to sit in long, boring, but hopefully fruitful meetings on how to bring this about. Jesus loves the Buddha. “Put that in your theological pipe and smoke it!”  

Rice Sent from Heaven

We live in a world with too many disasters. Manna Pack is in great demand in many drought, war and flood ravaged regions and we are cut off for at least two months. We will get by somehow and we thank ‘Feed My Starving Children’, ‘Reach Now International’, ‘Children’s Hunger Fund’, and ‘Lou Binninger’ for the great help they have provided! We will look forward to more in the future. It really does give FCOP kids a great health advantage over the local population.  

The Stampede

Eighteen years in the same saddle, attempting to herd Cambodian pastors, orphans, staff and general population into the kingdom of God, both Sou and I in our seventies this year, It has been a long ride! So, we are working to transition the leadership of FCOP over to a board directed Cambodian team, over the next 5 years. Last month, some crucial progress was made in the form of a matching grant, on developing the most critical factor of transition, a sustained financial support system for the Cambodian orphans and widows, the Rice Farm Development. Good friends have suggested, “Why don’t you just …  

Rice: The Way Out

  We’re looking for a good crop on the rice we had protected from flood. The Thing is we need 400 hectares (1000 acres) of protected land producing 3 crops per year, and that takes a grant of $1,500,000 to develop. Why Rice? Why this big push to develop the farm? Good questions. Common Questions. It has to do with the transition of leadership. How do Sou and I replace ourselves? That’s more than a rhetorical question when you are 70 years old and have been at the helm of a rapidly growing work for 18 years. We have a …  


I’d say, “This kid could talk a mouse into boarding a cat bus!” When do you give up on people? There are times when they need to be isolated (incarcerated ) for public safety, or you may have to avoid them, or remove them from your presence, due to harm they can cause, but really? I guess the answer is, “Never!” An orphan boy we found in the garbage, diagnosed by doctors as too malnourished to ever learn or ever walk, has certainly tested us. Nazareth has been in jail, rehab centers, stolen car batteries, cell phones, money, even stole his …  

The Swiss are Here

I (Ted) had a small part in putting them together. Lukas, a Swiss chemist, and Jenny our staff member, met here in Cambodia and have been married for about three years. They haven’t given up on Cambodia. They brought a team and helped us give new life to the Kampot Church/Home. Everywhere Lukas goes he leaves clean water behind, and Jenny, and experienced Team Leader in her own right, worked under the direction of the newest member of our foreign staff, Joshua Dunlap, in completing a successful project. The Swiss team finished up at our Kompot Home! Such a great time …  

 Help us change a nation one life at a time.


About FCOP International in Cambodia

FCOP International is committed to help establish healthy local churches in communities throughout Cambodia. These churches help bring spiritual revival, social redemption and economic restoration. We care for widows, orphans and separated children, create sustainable micro enterprise programs and promote healthy family values all over Cambodia. We also target to prevent human trafficking, slavery and the breaking up of families. We fund these operations through donations and sustainable local projects.

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