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I am over the top optimist!

I am an over-the-top optimist! The problem with being an optimist is that you are frequently disappointed, witch sounds pessimistic, but it is a fact. The advantage in being a pessimist is that you are occasionally, pleasantly surprised. So, why not just be pessimistic, and get it right most of the time? Simple! You have to get out of bed every morning and face a new day. How do you want to do it? Every day is a new opportunity to solve the problems and disappointments of the past and move toward a brighter future. I’m not sure that optimists …  

The Good and The Bad !

Our rice farm development is not just something I want to see happen. I’m already there! I’ve built the dikes and reservouirs, balanced the fertility, raised three, 7 ton per hectare, rice crops per year, solved the drying, storage and marketing problems, developed the equipment to make it happen at least 1000 times in my head. But, most importantly, I see the orphaned and separated children cared for being projected into an long lasting future, I see the church being able to expand, train pastors and staff, and reach this nation for Christ. I see thousands of subsistence farmers on …  

FCOP Sustainability!

If you could truly transform a nation that is non-believing, into a Christ centered country; what would it be worth? Now, this video doesn’t speak much about expanding the kingdom of God, because I’m trying to catch some secular stars. But, it is all about building the kingdom of God in Cambodia. It’s a lousy quality “selfie”, but it is from the heart. I’m not talking about some mystical, ethereal wand waving, but a hard fought and proven, working program, would you sacrifice to see it happen? We are half way there! More than that. We have a promised matching …  

The Million Mile Truck!

The MILLION MILE TRUCK!! Lou Binninger, a “Rock Star” in the Spirit realm! The guy who for the past 17 years has been lining up food shipments for FCOP, was here visiting Cambodia. We went out to the National Training Center and I showed Lou our “Million Mile Truck”. It was old and well-used when I was visiting Gleanings For the Hungry near Fresno, CA, USA about 15 years ago. They had purchased a replacement truck, and I told them, “We could use that truck in Cambodia.” They took a few minutes and said, “We’ll give it to you.”  With …  

A Hard Life!

Since we received that vehicle we’ve used it continuously. We believe it has more that a million miles on it. (Speedometer broke about 7 years ago) We have gone through 3 engine rebuilds, the roof and floor have huge holes rusted in them, we patch, overhaul, repair and keep driving it. Virtually all the food support for over 100 church orphan homes, and 18,000 kids, has been delivered by that truck. Do we need a replacement? Cambodian miles are very tough miles!!  Anyone else want to be a real star? A new truck would make a great Christmas present!  

“Peace, be still!”

We kicked some hurricane, devil, butt in September! Now, I realize the damage in the US was bad, but think what it could have been like if a full category 5 hurricane had hit Texas or Florida? One “nut case” in Las Vegas just killed, multiple times, what the US hurricanes did over a month, in a couple of hours. You may think we are hubris, but our kids think they made a difference.  Think about this! We are 12 time zones from Florida, and about equal distance over the poles. There were about 100 orphans, widows and staff praying …  

Cambodian Culture

While most church groups in Cambodia seek to take on “Western” culture, FCOP brings in dozens of young Cambodians in each year to learn Cambodian arts.  Christianity is Cambodian. This group of young women from Khampong Channang Province graduated with many others last month from. They may not make a reality TV show, but they have talent, and they are stars in my book! (Watch Video)  

Cambodian Women to Malaysia

Twenty-nine key leaders, women from Cambodia, went to Malaysia for a regional women’s conference in September. There were representatives form ten different nations and our Cambodian women made key connections with these leaders throughout the region. God moved with a lot of healing of broken hearts and prophetic direction. The flag of Malaysia was a good symbol with one bright star. We all know Who that is!  

In Memory of El Sim

I was in the kitchen at 5:45am making coffee, I heard the shout from my wife, Sou, upstairs, “El Sim’s dead! Murdered, and thrown in a well!” I was numb. I put down the coffee ran up the stairs and started to sort through the details. El Sim had been missing for two months. The story, which was circulated and never seemed credible to Sou and I was that she had run off with the orphans’s support money, a big loan on the family land and a foreign lover. The truth was she’d been murdered by her husband, her personal effects burned …  

Hang in their Dooley, the cavalry is on the way!

For the first three days of August, Sou and I had 37&1/2 cents. I don’t say that to elicit sympathy, because it was totally voluntary. We’d gone into August still owing 1/2 of our July home support and staff salaries. The loss of one-half of our rice crop was devastating to us; a $250,000.00 kick in the rear end we didn’t need. We had to replant, because that would ensure failure. I appealed to a few friends and some people who I had not spoken with in many years came through in a big way. One of them wrote back, “Hang …  

The Rice Crop Harvest and Re-Planting

The rice crop has been replanted, and 200 acres of the remaining Jasmine rice has been harvested and replanted. It all goes to underline the importance of the development of our dike and reservoir construction and expansion of our “Rice Farm Production Enterprise”. FCOP has perfected tillage in flooded rice fields and reseeding into mud. The video here is not a converted 19th century steam boat but a $X$ tractor with steel paddle wheels and a leveling harrow (see video). We have a matching grant for one-half of the needed $1,500,000 and are searching for the other half. Any Ideas? We …  

Acid Rain Go Away, Don’t Come Back Another Day

Acid rain is crazy aggressive. It goes through cheap roofing sheets in three years, good galvanized sheets in 7 years, the best you can buy, triple-coated, in 10 years. Quarter inch steel railings rust through, even with frequent painting in about 7 years. It is hard on concrete, play equipment and about everything else. It come’s courtesy of Chinese coal fired electric generation, with yellow tinted clouds of sulfur laden solution being mixed with rain. All we can do is repair constantly and seek to go to higher grade materials like stainless steel, and ceramic coated concrete roof tiles. It is more expensive, …  

 Help us change a nation one life at a time.


About FCOP International in Cambodia

FCOP International is committed to help establish healthy local churches in communities throughout Cambodia. These churches help bring spiritual revival, social redemption and economic restoration. We care for widows, orphans and separated children, create sustainable micro enterprise programs and promote healthy family values all over Cambodia. We also target to prevent human trafficking, slavery and the breaking up of families. We fund these operations through donations and sustainable local projects.

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