FCOP International will accomplish its mission through holistic ministry.

We believe that every individual has spiritual, social, and economic needs.  FCOPI seeks to address each of these needs through partnership with a diverse group of organizations.

Cambodian Evangelists

Spiritually,this will be accomplished by evangelizing and training the people in Christian truth and by equipping “called” spiritual leaders to plant new churches. Since 1999, more than 3,200 churches have been established.Partnering with the Cambodian Foursquare Gospel Church, FCOPI seeks to meet the spiritual needs of the orphans and people of Cambodia through evangelism, discipleship and leadership training.

Orphans at beach for water baptism

Socially, the Gospel will be demonstrated by teaching family values, strengthening existing family structures, traditional culture, and providing training and education according to Christian principles.In 1999 the greatest social need in Cambodia was to rescue and care for homeless orphans and separated children. The church has been proactive by feeding, housing, loving and training orphans; building facilities and assisting destitute widows. During the intervening years FCOP has raised and care for over 18,000 orphans and widows.

Partnering with organizations and individuals that support orphan rescue and care, FCOPI seeks to intervene on behalf of the orphans of Cambodia providing hope for their future and the future of their nation.

Orphans learn how to garden

Economically, the Gospel will be demonstrated to those without clothes and daily food by assisting them to find sustainable means for meeting the physical and economic challenges they face. This will be done by providing medical care, potable water, and through the establishment of self-sustaining agricultural and income generating enterprises. Partnering with development organizations, FCOP seeks to offer immediate assistance to the destitute by providing food, clothing, medical treatment and culturally relevant job training for individuals.


Meeting all 3 needs to achieve holistic health


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.