Bring a Team

We have teams visit from all over the world for a number of reasons and we'd love for you to visit as well! Here are some options for the project that you might want to focus on:

  • Ministry Overview Team:This gives you great insight and breadth of all the operations that happens here. You'll visit a few homes and get to hang out with some of our awesome and amazing children around the country.
  • Construction Team:  As our homes are being used daily by the children, we have many projects from basic wear and tear. Also, with the harsh sun and the stormy rains, we have constant needs for our homes to be fixed up so that our children can have the best possible home we can afford! Teams will come and focus on a few projects depending on time, finances and season.
  • Medical Missions Team:  We have annual medical clinics and physicians from all over the world come visit us at other times, imparting their knowledge and skills to those in need.

We have an excellent article that Ted wrote about the importance of having teams visit with some great pictures on this link.

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