Who we are:

FCOP International is a Christian ministry dedicated to building the kingdom of God through meeting urgent needs and doing good deeds to bring holistic health to hurting and oppressed people. “We will show you our faith by what we do”– James 2:18b

What we do:

  • Operate 106 church/orphan homes throughout Cambodia
  • Operate and oversee approximately 6,000 churches and home groups as well as train and oversee all the leaders
  • Care for ~3,000 orphans and separated children each year
  • Staff ~600 widows (one for every five children we care for)
  • Rescue, train, equip and release sexually trafficked young women
  • Provide advance educational training for qualified orphans
  • Continue the family relationship with 15,000 orphans who have been raised even for a short time in our homes
  • Provide vocational training and assistance for micro-enterprises
  • Provide medial and dental care teams to remote areas
  • FCOP prevention efforts have saved thousands of at risk children from ever entering human sex and child labor trafficking


Why we do it:

The church keeps the keys to the kingdom of God. There are no lost, impoverished, sick, distressed, tormented, or possessed souls in heaven. FCOP seeks to see His kingdom come, and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

 Help us change a nation one life at a time.