Statement of Faith

We believe the Holy Bible is God’s word, Divinely inspired, written by God through human agents for the benefit of all humankind; revealing who He is and how He relates to us in all issues to which it speaks.

We believe in the Triunity (Trinity), three Persons in one God, consisting of Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

We believe that God is the creator of the universe creating both the seen (physical) and the unseen (spiritual) realms and that God the creator is also the giver of life, designing humankind to live in unity with the Trinity and with one another.

We believe that through the deception of Satan in the Garden of Eden humankind fell from grace and relationship and into separation from God.

We Believe that God the Father loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth as a man born of a virgin, yet retaining the Divinity of God, who, while living a sinless life, was rejected and betrayed by man to be crucified and die on the cross, thereby paying the penalty for sin of all who believe in Him and restoring our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

We believe that the death of Jesus Christ on the cross provides complete atonement for all sins for all who choose to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord through faith, and believe in His resurrection from the dead; they are “Born Again”, and being Born Again, become the children of God and have entered into eternal life.

We believe that Jesus physically rose from the dead, was seen by, and interacted with many eyewitnesses, and that Jesus has now ascended back into Heaven from where He originally came. Jesus is currently seated in Majesty, Power and Authority alongside the Father in Heaven and has sent the Holy Spirit to earth to empower all who will receive Him. The entire Trinity is in personal relationship with us through both Prayer and Fellowship.

We believe that Jesus is the judge of all of humankind’s thoughts, intentions and actions and that He is just, wise and merciful in His judgment. His will is for all people to be in unity with one another and with the Triune God. Those who reject His grace will face the judgment of eternal separation form God.

We believe Jesus will soon physically return to rule over the earth in millennial reign.

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