What We Do

With us, everything begins and ends with the church. God sent us here to build His church. We were given a vision that shows a church reaching the whole person: physically, socially and spiritually. To build the church, we have many economic, spiritual and social projects going on all over the country! Our focus, though, is on seeing the Kingdom of God manifest in the earth. Here’s some statistics to note:

  • We have 106 church homes
  • Each home has up to 40 children
  • We care for 2400 children (separated or orphaned)
  • We have 600 local Cambodian staff
  • Across the nation, we have 6,000 churches and meeting places
  • There are more than 1,000,000 people who have come to know the Lord through this ministry

Though our goal is to become self sufficient through rice production, it still takes almost $160,000 each month to ensure just the kids and staff in those homes are taken care of. Thank God He is a provider!

We simply seek to demonstrate the love of God to His sons and daughters as James in 1:27 says, “We will show you our faith by what we do”. We are a Spirit-filled organization that relies upon the power of the Holy Spirit to manifest God’s life-changing power. We have seen miracles, signs and wonders and God continues to use us to build His Kingdom here in Cambodia. Our desire is for the church to be Cambodian. We want to ‘finish well’ so to speak. We want to ensure we leave a legacy and not a legend.

We have multiple micro enterprises as well as the Cambodian Rice Production enterprises to bring in additional revenue to help these homes become sustainable. We give the best we can to our children, but seek to keep them comfortable in Cambodian culture. They often return to the poorest village to become:

  • pastors
  • doctors
  • teachers
  • dentists
  • farmers
  • mechanics
  • beauticians
  • musicians

…or serve in whatever calling God has placed upon their lives in order to rebuild their nation and see it come to Christ. It is to His glory that we have been able to accomplish the things we have in such a short amount of time. To sum up what we do in one page would be difficult, please visit our other pages under ‘What We Do’ to see what God is doing through us.

 Help us change a nation one life at a time.