Church Homes

Each church orphan home is built around a local church
that has a vision for helping orphans.

FCOP recognizes that the Church in Cambodia has a mandate to care for the orphans and widows. (James 1:27) Unlike most humanitarian organizations that either institutionalize orphans or place them in unsupervised foster care, the Cambodian Foursquare Church’s approach to holistic orphan care is to raise the orphans in a family environment located in the church building. The Pastor serves as their father figure and widows in the congregation are the home parents who live in church with the children.

The facility houses the congregation on Sundays; the kids use the same hall for recreation and instruction for the children throughout the rest of the week. FCOP has over 100 church orphan homes in operation, caring for over 3,000 orphans and 700 widows.

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