75 In A Month

How’d you like to have 75 kids in one month? That’s how many we’ve received from the Cambodian government referral service since June 1st.

Plus, the government decided to re-certify the six homes in Ratanakirri Province, that were on suspension because the Home Parents couldn’t read Cambodian. These are tribal homes where the vast majority of the general populace cannot read or write. Anyway, we never stopped servicing them, but it’s nice to get the recognition back.

We’re supposed to be shrinking. Orphan numbers in Cambodia are declining. But, because of the strict oversight and the closing of many questionable homes run by other NGOs, and the cost driving many other orphan care providers out of business, we are growing. The first month for a new orphan is the most expensive. They need clothes, a bed, medical and dental care, and I could go on, but we really need some help here.

The government, which was trying to close us two years ago, has now become our champion, but they don’t give us any money. Our homes rated a grade of 89 out of a possible 100 points on their recent examinations. Part of the reason we rate so high, is in what we do with the kids when they get older. We don’t just expel them when they are 18. We help them become productive citizens of Cambodia. We didn’t ask for this, but our kids in the graduating class of Don Bosco Technical School (Our most appreciated Catholic brothers in Christ) put this together just this week. It really explains how they feel, and why we are appreciated.  Remember, you make it possible!


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.