A Big Family

Our kids at Don Bosco school

FCOP has raised and trained over 8,000 orphans in the past 13 years in addition to caring for thousands of widows. At any one time we have around 3,000 orphans under our care. A few orphans, due to their disabilities, will always be under our care.

It is surprising to see those who become critics about orphan care due to the whole “dependency” issue. The very people who should be supportive, will grasp at that criticism for lack of a better handle – I have no clue as to motive.

Although we’ve been caring for orphans for 13 years, I don’t know of a single child that has been with us that entire period of time. We have nearly 5,000 young people in cities, villages and farms all over Cambodia that are earning independent livings, attending and supporting their churches and serving as productive citizens.

This year we will have more than 30 of our youth, who are 18 and older, attending Don Bosco Technical School learning trades that range from Hotel and Restaurant Management to Sheet Metal and Welding. Dozens of others will be  attending different universities, colleges and training programs. These are not kids we are obligated by law to help, but they are our kids, so we help.


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.