Cambodian Youth Conference

I’m not sure about cause and effect, but having 3000 orphans and widows covering your back in prayer can’t hurt. I returned from the US and found a different Cambodian Church. Pastors were filled with joy. They were working together; some who hadn’t spoken together for years were locked arm in arm in worship. It was a wonderful boost for both Sou and I to see a functional Board of Directors committed to serving God and building the Church regardless of personal cost.

But the biggest surprise was what happened to our “Young Lions”. We held the Inaugural Youth Leadership Conference for them and expected about 500 youth from around the nation to come, but almost 800 showed up. Some cheated. They were supposed to be in high school, but we noticed some 10 to 12 year olds. We asked, “Why are you here?” and the reply was always something like, “We can cast out demons as well as these guys.” The pictures will tell a story but the Youtube video is a must!


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