Changing Farms


So few people in developed countries are involved in farming today that it is almost like speaking a foreign language when I talk about it. I am a dinosaur and don’t realize it! I am so old that I actually remember my father still farming with horses and he was a progressive farmer! 100 years ago 80% of Americans came from a farm background, now it’s less that 3%. Cambodia is in that transition. The number of people on farms is in rapid decline. People raised on farms have fallen from 85% when we first arrived to about 65% today, and that number is in free-fall. Yet, we are consuming more food than ever before. We have to feed thousands of children, widows and staff. Millions of small farmers in Cambodia cannot survive these current turbulent economic times. We have a plan and it is long, click here to open this when you have some time.


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.