Christmas Curiosity

Orphans present the Christmas story

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it has also led thousands of Cambodians to Christ. Christmas has always been the most popular holiday for Cambodian Christians, but back in 1998, when less than one percent of Cambodians knew of Christ, it was an invisible holiday.

We had to import a tree for Christmas in 1999. Now, even the bar girls are wearing Santa hats. They have no idea what the holiday means, but they are curious about it, and that is an emotion we play to with great success. “Come and find out what it’s all about!” This is an invitation that is rarely refused, especially when followed with a lunch.

Every church, in every province, begins celebrating Christmas around December first, and they will continue until mid January. With help from Home of English and Foursquare Missions Press we will print out more than 100,000 booklets explaining Christmas. We could easily use a million.


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